Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Orchard Road @ Megamall: A Place to Stay Away From

I have to admit I honestly went to SM Megamall yesterday to go on retail therapy in the newly-opened Forever21. Before I got to the store, I passed by this new resto named Orchard Road which they derived from the hawker place in Singapore.

I was too disappointed with the experience to even take pictures. It was just one big disappointment right in my face. I expected that it would be similar to the food in Manila Ocean Park's Asian resto, but NO.
First of all, they give you this checklist of food you want to order. = going well so far

We paid our bill -- ginormous at around P700 but we expected this was going to be a nice experience.
Then we waited...and waited....and waited...food started to arrive but the beef teriyaki came to us an HOUR after! Everyone already had their complete orders EXCEPT us.

Buti sana if the food tasted so good you could forget the waiting---I don't think so! Here was what we ordered:
- Pork Char Siew on plain rice: boyfriend said it was nothing special. He didn't even finish his food which is rare.
- Fishball Noodle Soup: puwede na but there were 4 fish balls.
- Oyster Omelette: or should I say, scramble egg where they just tossed the pieces of oysters on the egg??
- Beef Teriyaki on garlic rice: OH GOD WHERE DO I BEGIN? First it took so long for me to get it, second it tasted really bland, third, it wasn't even warm when it arrived, and fourth it just tasted blah.
- Teh-C (milk tea): tasted nothing like milk tea
- Kopi Tarik: best out of everything. But then again this arrived first so it's goodness was canceled after we waited it out.

When I kept updating my order if it was ready, the cashiers gave me blank stares and then fumbled around looking for my order. I had a suspicious feeling they forgot it but they said the usual, "Ma'am palabas na." The "palabas na" took 40 minutes to come out.
It's very rare for me to hate restaurants but there's always a first time for everything. I do not want to go back to this place ever again!


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