Whenever I think about Mariah Carey, the first thing that comes into my mind is DIVA. So its really no surprise that OPI gives her a line that's called "Liquid Sand". This is a new variant from OPI which I believe would be coming out more in their collections.


I've been looking for an inexpensive heat protectant product, and luckily I stumbled upon the Prostyle Fuwarie End Curling Mist while strolling around Beauty Bar!

Korea Post #3: (Must-See Places!) Nami Island

ll be sharing about our trip to Nami Island, which is located outside of Seoul. We had to take a train (different from the subway system, sorry but I forgot the place where we took this, but its the nearest train station from Myeongdong).


Having dark brows and light hair has always been a problem for me. I have always tried to put a little hair dye on my brows (which I do NOT recommend for anyone to do because this may cause severe skin irritation OR burn your skin) to lighten them up, but it hasn't worked.


I finally tried the Sweet Orange shade of the Etude House Bubble Hair Coloring! Its a brighter shade compared to the Natural Brown, and makes your hair tons lighter.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Blue Water Day Spa: Definitely Going Back!

Last Friday I was racking my brain for a nice affordable spa to go to that's near my house. I was so stressed out from work and I just had to get a massage, considering I haven't gotten one ever since summer started! (I know, tragic isn't it?)

I suddenly remembered Blue Water Day Spa, which had recently opened in Green Street, Capitol Hills. That's located right after Celebrity Sports. I checked out their website, found their prices reasonable, and booked my first appointment.

I tried their Cellulite Melter Massage, which is only Php700 for 90 minutes! Although the website described the massage to have a tendency to create a "burning sensation", I felt none of that. It was a very satisfying and relaxing experience.

Blue Water Day Spa is fairly new, their amenities include a shower room, a sauna, plus you can request for a private room for an additional Php150. 

Inside the private room, the right massage bed was previously occupied by me hence its disheveled form.

Complimentary ginger tea! Very soothing especially because I had cough and colds that day. You get a whole pot! Mmmm...

Their other services also include body massages, scrubs, facial treatments, body machine treatments, hand and foot treatments, as well as hair removal. Their massage therapists were all young, which I preferred because sometimes the older ones tend to work your body as if you were a truck driver. I personally thought that their massages were priced well. I will definitely return if I need another R&R.

You're probably wondering if the "cellulite melter" actually worked...well I really don't know if it did. The massage primarily consisted of massages in your cellulite areas, such as your thighs, buttocks, and stomach. Nevertheless it was very soothing.

I actually weighed myself afterwards and I weighed 3lbs less! (Note though, I've been on a no-carb diet so that might also have been the reason.)

You can contact Blue Water Day Spa at any of their locations either in Greenhills, Capitol Hills, Makati, Alabang, Ortigas, or in Tagaytay. Their contact numbers are posted here at their website.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Korean Make-Up Haul!

Hey guys! I really really want to write all about my first trip ever to South Korea, a country I fell so much IN LOVE with, but since I just started work for the summer, it might have to be delayed. In the meantime, I wanted to show you the make-up I bought:
Fr. L-R: Tony Moly Black Gel Eyeliner, Etude House's Stippling Brush, Etude House's Eyeliner Brush, Missha's The Style Pore Minimizing First Base, Skin79 Super Beblesh Balm Cream
My most favorite out of everything I bought is Missha's The Style Pore Minimizing First Base. I first heard of this from one of my favorite make-up gurus CL2425. I swear this makes your foundation last so long without showing any signs of coming off. More extensive review when I get around to this.^^

There are SOOO MAAAANY make-up shops scattered all over Seoul, especially in the area I was staying in, Myeong-dong. The latter is a district that has a lot of outdoor shops targeted for young 'uns, and wow, I can just stay forever there and not get bored because of so many things to do! But more on that later.
Look at all the freebies I got! (I bought my friend a BB Cream from Missha that's why I got so many samples from Missha the store.)
Majority of these samples were from Missha, and I've fallen in love with Liquidy, their oil facial wash. Its in oil-form but turns into foam! Cool! Haha, I know I sounds like the biggest Missha fan here, their prices are more than 100% cheaper than what they have here! I remember their BB cream was only equal to around less than PHP700, while its counterpart here is PHP1,600!!! Crazy right? I'm glad the Etude House here maintained their low prices because there was only a slight difference between the prices of the brushes in Korea and those here.
And yes, that's a Rain facial mask, they give it away for free (with a gorgeous Rain poster if you ask nicely and act foreign) in Nature Republic.

Gah I can't wait to write reviews and post pictures from my trip! Hopefully I'll get an entry up by next week. Fighting!^^

Not a Gem Find: BEABI

When I first saw BEABI in their mini-kiosk in the Powerplant Mall, I thought that it was the cutest idea ever! I thought that the small plastic bottles they sold would be perfect for traveling so that one doesn't need to lug around big bottles of shampoo, conditioner or lotion and not worry of any spillage.

I also thought that the bottles were a tad bit expensive. A 50-ml sized bottle costs PHP35 while a bottle double that size was PHP70.

I rarely travel so when I was going to Korea around 2 weeks ago, I thought that getting myself these BEABI bottles would be a great way to make my trip more convenient. Boy was I wrong!

I bought 4 50-ml bottles, totaling to PHP140. When I got to Korea, these bottles were such a hassle to use! I seriously wished I didn't bring them and just went with my huge bottles. The bottles were extremely difficult to open, and you couldn't squeeze them to make the liquid come out! The dispensers were of no use--I had to uncap each one just to get any of my shampoo, conditioner or lotion out. You have to tap it out (like ketchup) and you end up wasting more product than saving. Super hassle!

Never will I fall for buying these BEABI bottles. I seriously hate them. Sayang yung PHP140, I could've used it for something else, like food!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Legally Blonde, The Musical!

Atlantis Productions is proud to bring Elle Woods to the Philippines in Legally Blonde, The Musical! The show stars Nikki Gil and is directed by Chari Arespacochaga.

Are there other stars joining in the production? Gretchen Barretto will play the role of Brooke Wyndham, Elle’s client (you know, Ali Larter in the movie) while Nyoy Volante will be Emmett Richmond.

Their gala night will be on the 25th of June, 2010. But my sorority, Regina Iustitiae, is sponsoring a show together with UP's Portia on June 27, 2010 for the 3PM show at the Meralco Theater. If you're interested, please contact me through this blog or through my email! We're already accepting advance reservations.

Ticket Prices:
P1200 = ORCH center
P1000 = ORCH side
P 800 = ORCH side OBSTR
P 900 = Loge center
P 800 = Loge side
P 600 = Balcony center
P 500 = Balcony side

For more info on tickets, you can visit Ticketworld.

In fairness, Nikki Gil does not look bad in that blonde wig.
The movie version of Legally Blonde seriously made me take up Law. Not kidding!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Someone should whip this guy and toss him into Smokey Mountain.

Fortunately we have too much going on and not just Adam Carolla.
Here's the thing, I don't want to blow this out of proportion and go up in arms against this loser who thinks he can gain more popularity and more followers in Twitter by going against the Philippines and Manny Pacquiao. Who is he anyway? I only remember seeing his lame-ass show "The Man Show" which was all about boobs and asses and basically stupid nonsense. So we know how much depth and intellect this guy has as compared to the rest of the world.

We don't have to care because we all know that none of what he is saying is true. That's all I have to say on the matter.