Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Majolica Majorca's Skin Lingerie Pore Cover Review

This little baby caught my eye immediately when I was scanning the Majolica Majorca booth at the SM Department Store. I've always been drawn to cute packaging on different products--its something that makes me decide to splurge even when its not needed!

Here is the Majolica Majorca's Skin Lingerie Pore Cover, a primer the saleslady tells me guarantees to make you look flawless. Well, does it? Let's see!

What Majolica Majorca says:
A makeup base that instantly smoothes concerned pores and red cheeks for a refined complexion.
TO USE: Apply after skin care treatment and before foundation. Take an appropriate amount (a pearl-size) onto the fingertips and spread evenly over the entire face. 
The primer is very easy to apply because the tube's mouth doesn't allow too much product to come out:
What comes out is a flesh-colored cream that disappears after you apply it on your face:

So how was it? Did it succeed in covering up all my pores? Did the product make me look as flawless as a celebrity?
Without any make-up, my biggest problem is really my pores. They're just so ginormous, I honestly don't know where I got them because my mom doesn't share the same problem. That's why I stick to HD foundations and wear a lot of concealer.

I liked this primer because for the price,  it did smoothen out my face. It removed a lot of my redness. But it didn't cover my pores as much as I thought.

But I liked its matte finish to my skin. Btw I also used my Clio HD Two Way Foundation on top of the primer.

Aaaaaaaaaand my GIANT PORES! I have to say it did cover a little of them, but not all of them. I still say this product is worth a try, I mean I had a better experience with this one than their eyeliner (more on that for a future review...get ready for rants).

Majolica Majorca's Skin Lingerie Pore Cover costs around P650.00 and is available at any Majolica Majorca kiosk in SM Department Stores.


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