Whenever I think about Mariah Carey, the first thing that comes into my mind is DIVA. So its really no surprise that OPI gives her a line that's called "Liquid Sand". This is a new variant from OPI which I believe would be coming out more in their collections.


I've been looking for an inexpensive heat protectant product, and luckily I stumbled upon the Prostyle Fuwarie End Curling Mist while strolling around Beauty Bar!

Korea Post #3: (Must-See Places!) Nami Island

ll be sharing about our trip to Nami Island, which is located outside of Seoul. We had to take a train (different from the subway system, sorry but I forgot the place where we took this, but its the nearest train station from Myeongdong).


Having dark brows and light hair has always been a problem for me. I have always tried to put a little hair dye on my brows (which I do NOT recommend for anyone to do because this may cause severe skin irritation OR burn your skin) to lighten them up, but it hasn't worked.


I finally tried the Sweet Orange shade of the Etude House Bubble Hair Coloring! Its a brighter shade compared to the Natural Brown, and makes your hair tons lighter.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

My Top 5 Favorite Make-up Gurus!

When people ask me how I learned to apply make-up on myself, my answer is quite simple: I learned from YOUTUBE! But seriously, YouTube is a great medium for anyone who wants to learn a thing or two about the basics and the non-basics.
I have been meaning to write this blog entry for as long as I can remember, but it took quite some time before I could. So here I'll present a list of my favorite make-up gurus on Youtube and hope my readers check them out for themselves and become a fan of theirs as well!

I'll be naming my TOP 5 Make-up gurus, give a short description about them and then show you my favorite make-up video of theirs!

1) Michelle Phan
Michelle Phan is a Vietnamese American who has come a looong way from mere make-up videos. She has over a million subscribers and churns out many make-up looks, from simple everyday wearable make-up to costume styles.

I love watching her tutorials because I find that she makes pretty wearable looks and its not hard to follow her instructions. Even though she uses products by her sponsor (Lancome), she still says what shade to use so you don't have to use the exact product she does.

Fave vid of hers:

2) Kandee Johnson
Kandee Johnson is an immensely talented make-up artist who can do ANY look you give her. I'm serious. She's a lovely mother of two who lives in America and keeps coming up with crazy looks that inspire any make-up enthusiast to be more experiemental--it also helps that she's so gorgeous. I think she looks like Megan Fox, definitely a perkier one.

She even has additional videos that does not only focus on make-up, but also other salon related stuff like how to color your own hair, etc. I learned how to color mine evenly because of her!

Fave vid of her: (if you guys can't relate to Jem and the Holograms, well that means I'm OLD.)

She has TONS of other costume looks that are worth so many views, so go go go subscribe to her!

3) Catalina
Catalina is a Korean who lives in New York who has two loves: make-up and penguins! I chose her as my next guru because as compared to Kandee, she's a lot more toned down when it comes to her looks. She mostly makes tutorials on a lot of famous Asian pop stars, whether Korean or Japanese.

I love watching her tutorials because the products she features (the ones I got that is) all work pretty well with me. Her instructions aren't hard to follow. Plus her videos don't take too long so you can see that they're all do-able even for beginners.

Fave vid:

I wore this make-up tutorial for about a month before switching to another look, I swear!

4) Jen FrmHeadtoToe
What can I say about Jen aside from the fact that I find her super duper gorgeous? I wish I had her skin, her eyes, no her face! This guru was a pretty recent find for me, but I've been so hooked on her ever since. Her blog and tutorials feature much more than make-up (which also feature a lot of k-pop artists, are you still wondering why I love her?), she also talks about fashion and hair.

By the way she's also Korean like Catalina.

Fave vid of her:

5) Nikki of NikkiTutorials
Nikki is only 16! She's only 16 but she puts on make-up like a real pro. Wait have I mentioned that she's only 16? She's goofy, spunky and totally funny. She knows so many tricks up her sleeves, but you should be warned, most of her looks involve glitter--the totally appropriate kind. Her videos tend to run more than 5 minutes because she talks you through the instructions, but its fine with me because I understand her more that way.

Can't believe this girl is only 16, she is ah-mazing!

Fave vid of hers:

I hope you guys do subscribe to these lovely make-up gurus because they continue to inspire me everyday to experiment and just have fun with make-up.

Any other make-up gurus you love? Share them with me!^^

Sunday, February 20, 2011

VICTORIA'S SECRET Very Sexy Blush/Highlight Duo Review

I am totally in love with this blush/highlighter duo. As I said before, I'm not a lover of blushes, but this made me change my mind.

This is the VICTORIA'S SECRET Very Sexy Blush/Highlight Duo. Its shade is called Backstage.
It comes in a really classy black compact, with the words "VERY SEXY" on the right side. It also has a pink trim all over the sides.

What Victoria's Secret says:
Give yourself a velvet touch with the Victoria's finishing powder duo. This Victoria's sexy powder gives you a smooth, silky, and gorgeous look. The natural matte and luminous effect in this Victoria's Secret makeup gives you a naturally glowing skin. The Victoria's finishing powder duo has a unique formula that suits every skin tone type. Get a flawless look with this Victoria's sexy powder due to its lip-o-light technology that reduces defaults, and makes your skin look gorgeous! This Victoria's Secret makeup easily spreads over your skin in a single swipe, and stays on for a longer time. Highlight your skin with the Victoria's finishing powder duo. 
Open it up, and here's what greets you:
The light washes out the colors of the blush!
It has a plastic cover for hygienic purposes:

The highlighter is really sheer, and has shimmers that aren't too bulky. The blush is a nice coral shade that's not too pink or orange. Its nice enough to create a soft flush that's pretty natural.
Both the blush and the highlighter have golden shimmers! But its more obvious on the highlighter. These colors are totally gorgeous on any skintone.

And the back of the compact:

I'm not so sure if this is available locally. But this is a gorgeous blush so if you have the chance to get it for yourself, do so!

Friday, February 18, 2011

MBLAQ's Blaq Style: A Look Inside!

Okay okay so I kinda cheated on the whole buying Korean stuff because I knew someone who was going to Korea--and because of my restraint for my own self, I only asked for one thing...MBLAQ's firsl full-length album, BLAQ STYLE!

The thing I love most about this k-pop group is that they're so demn hardworking (I meant to spell it that way btw)! Plus the songs they released so far (Stay and Cry) made me want to buy this album even more, so on to the contents:

Album looks so cool but that "M" part is pretty fragile.

The album contains the actual CD, a small photobook, plus photo cards of the members.

1. "Sad Memories (Intro)" Composed by MBLAQ's Seungho.
Arranged by Park Se Hyun 1:40
2. "Stay" Rado, Jean, Won Taek and Gilmi Composed by Rado, Jin and Won Taek
Arranged by Rado 3:20
3. "Cry" E-Tribe Composed by E-Tribe
Arranged by E-Tribe & Lee Chi Woo 3:47
4. "그대여 (Darling)" Rain Composed by Rain, Bae Jin Ryul
Arranged by Bae Jin Ryul 3:13
5. "버린다 (Throw Away)" Bae Jin Ryul Composed by Bae Jin Ryul & Choi Ji Yeong
Arranged by Bae Jin Ryul 3:25
6. "녹 (Rust)" Jean & Won Taek Composed by Jean & Won Taek
Arranged by Jean 3:54
7. "Tonight" Bae Jin Ryul Composed by Lee Jae Yeong
Arranged by Lee Jae Yeong & Jo Sung Kwang 3:53
8. "이러지 않았으면 해 (Wish You Hadn't)" Bae Jin Ryul Composed by Bae Jin Ryul & Choi Ji Yeong
Arranged by Bae Jin Ryul & Choi Ji Yeong 3:25
9. "You're My +" Rado, Jean, Won Taek, MBLAQ's Mir Composed by Rado, Jean & Won Taek
Arranged by Rado & Jean 3:51
10. "Rolling U" Bae Jin Ryul Composed by Bae Jin Ryul
Arranged by Bae Jin Ryul 3:30
11. "Oh Yeah (C-Luv & Blue Magic Remix)" Rain Composed by Rain, Kim Tae Hwan, Jang Jae Min 4:41
12. "Y (JR GROOVE Remix)" Rain Composed by Rain, Bae Jin Ryul 3:29
13. "또다른 시작 (A Different Beginning) (Outro)" Bae Jin Ryul Composed by Bae Jin Ryul 0:41

A close-up of that CD:
Their album concept is all about that wet look--rain cascading on them and even on the CD! (Rain on the MBLAQ cd? Get it?)

Plus the mini-photobook:
 underwater group shot
 Seungho and his blonde hair
 G.O looking all gorgeous and manly (my fave shot out of the five!)
 Mireu, my favorite maknae rapper
Lee Joon--very charismatic as always
Doongie all blonde (I prefer him being non-blonde) 

It contains a lot more photos than these but I just took a shot for the individual members so you have a general idea of how it looks like.

I have to be perfectly honest, I like the concept of the Y mini-album better than this. The guys on motorbikes are so much better than them in water. Also the Y mini-album is actually bigger and packs more on what's inside than Blaq Style.

But Blaq Style has been receiving a lot of love in sales!

Photo cards also inserted in the album:
These are GORGEOUUUUS, especially those of G.O and Mir. I literally just drooled on the floor while looking at these. Wet look concept worked for me right here!

A minor complaint on the packaging is that its so hard to put everything back into that M! :((

The good news (for you guys, definitely not for me grrr) is that MBLAQ is repackaging Blaq Style with 3 new songs so if you haven't gotten yourself a copy, wait it out and just buy the repackaged one.

As for the songs, I do listen to this album all the way through, compared with the Y mini-album. My favorite has to be Stay, which immediately caught my ears on the first listen, as well as 그대여 (Darling), a song that's actually written by Rain for the boys. Cry took me a while to like it, but now I can't stop listening to it. Tonight is also a favorite of mine!

Love this album, extra points for no auto-tune!

Got the MBLAQ Blaq Style for 15,000won, or around P600 in a OK! in Myeongdong Underground Shopping Center.
Also available in YesAsia HERE.

Note: MBLAQ always repackages their albums which I hate the most.

Just an Update!

Hey everyone! I know I've been MIA lately, and that's mainly because my laptop broke down, had it fixed, and now its back with me again. I also can't seem to upload photos to the blog! Gah!!!

I'll be back in a few days, I'll just figure out why this thing won't let me post photos!!!
In the meantime, thanks for all the comments posted in the past entries, try checking back again soon, I promise I'll have an entry up by then.


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

JBE Jelly Blue Circle Lens Review

Its been such a long time since I've bought myself a pair of circle lens, but here I come with a review of the JBE Jelly Blue Circle lenses!

My lenses weren't shipped, since my sorority sis is the seller, the lenses were handed to me personally. Each pair you order comes with a free lens case.
Raising up the jars, here's how the lenses look like:

And of course, when its deposited onto the lens case: (the left one is actually overturned)

When worn:

The lens become a dark blue against my dark brown eyes. Not as bright as the photo above, which was actually fine by me because i can wear them everyday and not be bothered that people think I look like an alien.

As compared to my regular eye size:
Huge as compared to my original eye! It has a 16.0mm diameter but it doesn't come off as that imposing probably because it blends well with the original color of my eyes.
You can see the blue more in the above photo because I held up my eyes more to the light (Photo had no flash! I only used my room light.) I thought the effect was very unimposing and more on the natural side.

And finally me with the lenses on:
See? You can't even tell its blue! When I wore this, only one person noticed that my lenses are blue. Now I thought maybe it was too dark to be seen. Kind of disappointed because JBE is said to have more vibrant colors, but well not really for me.

Overall, I like the jelly blue lenses because I can wear them everyday and I had no irritations. As with all circle lenses, my eyes dry up easily but the solution to that is just getting eye drops for contacts.^^
Not really my favorite pair out of my collection (favorite remains to be the fresh grey), but these are a good buy nonetheless.

JBE Jelly Blue is available at Lailani Blancaflor's FB page HERE for only P700!
She also sells GEO and other circle lenses and transcations are easy and fast. Go buy buy!!!