All About Pink Sun Spots

This blog was formerly known as "Pinay Glamourista" and "Pinay Tinapay" but due to the change of interest of the writer, the blog will be named Pink Sun Spots, and is accessible through the url, .

I just thought that due toall the things I wanted to write, I'm more of a "socially-conscious" person than a "glamour-conscious" one, so I thought it was best to take this blog into a different direction. The recent events have spurred me into thinking that the Filipino youth has a voice as well as hands, especially in nation-building.

So with that in mind, the blog will now be updated on a daily basis, considering that there are so many things happening in the Philippines RIGHT NOW!

Plus I also wanted to stress that being here in the Philippines is a pretty unique experience and hopefully will encourage everyone to read up on the normal everyday things we are all exposed to.

I hope that these entries will encourage more feedback from the readers! Thanks for reading!