Friday, July 1, 2011

CLIO Diamond Rose HD Two Way Cake SPF 40 PA++ Review

This review has long been overdue, but I took my time in evaluating this one because it has come to be one of my favorite products--ever!

What CLIO says:
It perfect coverage to your skin. This unique formulation includes finely micronized diamond and emolient powder, which softens skin by keeping moisturizing factors. Moisturizer supply moisturizing and firming effect on your skin.

Let's pretend we understand that, shall we? Kidding aside, the product boasts to have diamonds, finely micronized that is. I love this foundation because when you buy it, you get a refill immediately! So its like getting 2 powders for the price of 1. This cost me $22.45 (without shipping) so its definitely worth it.
The 2 sponges--both for powder or foundation is included.

The coverage is also great--although the powder puff is okay, I like to maximize its use by using a square sponge. Just soak the sponge first then apply to your face.  Its actually a two-way cake because you can use it wet and dry--wet if you want to use it like a foundation, or dry if its just for touch-ups or for light coverage.

I'm not sure if you can spot it, but the left side covers up more of my bluish veins than the right side. The powder is available in 3 shades, #13 in Light Beige, #21 in Natural Beige, and #23 in Medium Beige. The shade I got is #23 in Medium Beige.

I also find the packaging so pretty! CLIO really takes effort in packaging their products and its total eye-candy to whip it out and start touching up. There's a nice pattern pressed to the powder:

CLIO Diamond Rose HD Two Way Cake with SPF 40 PA++ is available at GMarket through seller jnv for only $22.45.


  1. What great results want to have them and the best part is that it is been in front of me and need no other proof.

  2. I love that the packaging is so cute and travel friendly!!

  3. it is! so easy to bring around :D although i have to say mine's a little worn already haha.


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