Monday, October 11, 2010

Korea Post #5: Full House Filming Location

As a huuuuge huge fan of Rain and to commemorate 'Full House' as the first ever Korean drama I ever watched, we of course had to visit the filming location all the way in Si-do (Shi Island), which is near the Incheon Airport.

To get to the island, we took a limousine cab (expensive! but luxurious hahaha) to Sam-mok port. A huge ship was waiting there where you can bring your car or just your self. There were only around 3 more passengers aside from us.

 The map inside the ship, showing the different locations you could visit. You can also go to the house where they filmed Sad Sonata...starring the guy from The Face Shop!

First, I was kind of dreading the trek all the way to the house because we heard that if you didn't have a car, there was a solitary bus that takes you to the location and we were unsure of its schedule. If you can't ride the bus, you had to use a bicycle. It was too cold to bike nor hike and when we got there, there were sloping roads and such. Thank God there was a waiting cab ready to take you to the Full House! How do you know? There's a photo pasted on the cab!
Everyone in FIGHTING! pose! Even my dad...isn't he cute?^^

The driver took us quickly to the house and you have to purchase a ticket (costs 5,000won) from the ticket booth.
The house was definitely showing signs of wear and tear, and we were the only ones there. Considering that the drama was shown way back in 2004, it wasn't much of a surprise. The ticket lady gave me a poster of Rain as a souvenir.
Here are various shots of the house:
 Needs maintenance I think!!!
The bike that they Bi used to teach Song Hye Kyo in! I was tempted to give it a spin but the ajumma ticketer might kill me.
 The infamous kitchen! The refrigerator looked pretty awesome in red.
 Pretending to use the computer! But um...notice the sign to my front hahaha!
 The winding couldn't go up using this though.
 Various photos from the show were scattered all over the house
 Song Hye Kyo's room! Notice that the glass wall is open?

 There also wasn't a wall between the room and the hallway but a curtain!

 The bathroom which they used to film the tooth brushing scenes. This was actually located downstairs next to the kitchen.

The outside gate 

 Swingset located outside

 I thought this was pretty hilarious...isn't it!?!?!?
 Road outside
 View of the house from the back--that metal thing behind us is a figure of Bi and Song Hye Kyo

Me against the backdrop of the beach at the back of the house -- it was low tide

Do I recommend that you go to Full House? Yes, if you're a big big fan of Rain and the drama. If not, its quite a hassle to get there if you don't have a car. The cab-riding is expensive plus we had to find our own way back since there weren't any cabs around to take us back to the Incheon Airport.

Whew! I have 2 more final posts about my trip to Korea which I'll be finishing by next week. That's it for now! 


  1. it is! i think the island where it is is a vacation spot because of the beach.^^

  2. wow! that's an awesome experience! i love the full house drama^^

  3. it was! i really enjoyed myself!^^

  4. i am kinda sad that the house is becoming like that. they need to take care of it. i'll definitely go there someday. that is written in my diary.

  5. it is sad that they don't maintain it anymore because i'm sure a lot of people still want to visit the house. i hope those who are in charge of the house see the many blog entries from those who have visited and will visit the house so they can do something about it!

  6. hi,

    my friend and i are both Pinays visitng here in korea, and we are planning to go there tomorrow! just wondering how much the taxi going to the full house from the ferry is?? urgent! thanks!


  7. Hmm sorry but i dont remember how much it was. but it was just a short ride so its not that expensive.

  8. i ve always search for this house in the internet. search it on google maps i find it do hard since there were no names on the maps so i have to look for any location that would give me a hint where this house is. im happy i found it!!!! :)

  9. wow congratulations! i'm glad the blog entry helped you out :)

  10. maybe the house need han ji eun to clean it up...haha

  11. i am in Korea until october and for sure i will go before i leave!!!

  12. that's great! take lots of photos!:D i hope you enjoy your trip to the house!

  13. Where can we get a limousine cab to go to Full House? Then how much to pay a limousine and ship?

  14. you can take the limousine cab from the airport which will take you to the port. sorry, i don't recall the price of both the ferry and the limousine cab.

  15. Bea, are they open that house for every visitors? do we need to made a reservation first? and 5,000 won for the cab & admission fee?


  16. Yes,the house is open everyday. Not so sure though if its open on holidays. The 5,000won was only for the admission few,i forgot hoq much the cab was.

  17. Also we didn't make any reservations,we just went to the house :)

  18. We just went there today and they already tore the house down to make it a resort. I was so dissapointed. :(

  19. Hi Ruth! Oh no that's sad! :(


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