Saturday, November 20, 2010

Clio Waterproof Liner KILL BLACK Review: My HG of all pen liners!

How gorgeous is this woman? VERY VERY GORGEOUS, I say! I would love to look like Lee Hyori by the time I turn her age (a dream far from happening), so what's the next best way of trying to emulate her?


I first heard of the Clio Kill Black pen liner when I saw her CF:

I was all, I WANT THIS! Of course I turned to my ever-reliable source of all Korean goodies, GMarket and successfully purchased one for myself. I mentioned where I got this in THIS post.
I know a lot you have been waiting for this review, so here it is!

First of all, I would like to say I THOUGHT I found my HG of all eyeliners when I got my hands on the Tony Moly Gel Liner. But I was dead wrong. Not until I met my Kill Black. I was wary of pen liners because they have a tendency to fade even if they're not supposed to. They also have a tendency to not mix well with shadows, hence I had to wear them alone if I wanted to use them.

Those days are OVER.
What CLIO says:
Pen liner helps you to draw clear eye lines with deep black (included in Carbon Black) color. Beginner can use it easily by just one touch without breaking line. 
It is waterproof and no smudge formula so you can enjoy clear lines for a long time. 
The box is totally correct when it says that beginners can easily use this. If you're thinking twice of using a pen liner because you haven't had much practice handling it, worry no more! Its really easy to control the pen even if you're not an avid eyeliner user.

I also like the fact that you can easily create thick or thin lines using the pen. Although you have to wait for the liner to dry for a few seconds before you see its lasting effect, it makes up for it for being long-lasting. I use this everyday and I haven't turned back to my Tony Moly ever since.

Plus this pen liner isn't expensive at all. I got it for 10,000won (roughly around P450) which is a great price for an equally great product.

NOTE: I wore this to a party where a lot of pool-throwing was involved and it held up! No ugly smudges under the eyes whatsoever. I'll be hoarding this one on the next GMarket buy.


  1. How much bili mo sa gmarket? and may I know the link?? kasi meron dun aabot ata ng $26 ata un? I guess?

  2. its 10,000won as my entry said :)
    got it from thi seller:

  3. anneong~
    How much does shipping cost for you from GMarket? (I need it shipped to Canada T.T) I really wanna try buying some stuff from that site but its soo confusing with it being in half english half korean >.<

  4. shipping costs vary per country and also how much your package weighs. check out this link for the rates:

    i always use google translate to check the page i'm viewing, so maybe that can help! when there are choices for the product, i preferably buy the ones that use codes so its easier to find the item you're looking for.:)

  5. does it smudge for you? my mom bought this for me and its been giving me raccoon eyes

  6. hmm it doesn't smudge for me, by any chance do you put it on your lower lashline?

  7. how do you order through gmarket if you live here in ph? O_O do you use a cc or paypal? XD since i've found out about gmarket, i've always wanted to buy from it, but I'm sorta scared of the shipping costs @_@

  8. Hi Melody! I use paypal whenever I buy from Gmarket,but I think its safe to use your credit card as well :)

    Shipping costs aren't that big. But what you should be concerned about is the customs fees,they charge really high especially if you come from Manila.:((


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