Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tony Moly Goddess Style Berryberry Lovely Stick Review

I am beyond ecstatic that Tony Moly has finally found its way to Philippine shores! The more Korean make-up brands available here, the better! What's also great is that the prices remain to be affordable, and those who want lovely skincare and cute make-up can avail these whenever they want.

Since I had already spent a mini-fortune on Majolica Majorca products, I decided to buy just a lipstick this time around. This is the Tony Moly Goddess Style Berryberry Lovely Stick in PKLS02. I got it because I fell in love with the packaging--doesn't it look too cute?
The shade on the tube is a milky pink. There are other shades available but I chose this because the others were too orange on me.

The color on the tube stays true when swiped: still a nice milky pink and you can build up the color as much as you like.

And now on the lips:
Color on lips alone is not too matte and pretty light.
Swiped concealer first to hide the super redness of my lips and still comes out really light

The color is perfect if you like a really subtle lip color. I haven't tried the other shades because I liked this one immediately. It isn't that long-lasting, you have to retouch every so often, but the lipstick glides on well and no problems with putting it on.

Tony Moly Goddess Style Berryberry Lovely Stick costs Php345.00 at selected SM Department Stores (got mine at SM Makati!).


  1. aah glad to know that tony moly has finally reached php now! have you tried their tint? I looove it! you should really try it and I reckon you're gonna love it =D

  2. i'm not much of a lip tint person because i hate dipping my fingers in jars (lol go figure) but i'll be sure to recommend that to those who want something from tony moly.^^

  3. Tony moly lip tint is gladly come in tubes ^^ thx for your reccommendation of VEET. I'm going to check it :D

  4. omg the lip tint i bought was the one in the jar! haha but of course i loved it, i don't think tony moly can ever do anything wrong in my book :)


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