Sunday, August 28, 2011

Majolica Majorca Perfect Automatic Liner Review

The search for the next perfect liquid eyeliner is on: I've been eyeing this one for quite some time because it looks similar to my HG eyeliner (the much famed Clio Kill Black which I've reviewed here). It has a brush tip and the thickness of the pen is just right. Plus its in pen form!

I have to say that when I swatched this in the store, it turned out fine which is why I still bought it. I must've not followed the instructions correctly because I can't seem to use this now. :((

What Majolica Majorca says:
Deep, dense, bold jet black! Eye line emphasized -- no smudging, no fading. BK 999.
Black base and colored pearl: Shimmering!
For all of you girls who've purchased this, remember to follow these instructions before using:
1. Before using eyeliner for the first time, pull out the pink stopper mounted between the cap and the eyeliner.

2. Press the cap firmly towards the eyeliner completely until there is no gap. (incomplete closure may result in a leak)

3. Shake well with the cap on (THIS IS WHAT I FORGOT TO DO I HATE MYSEEEELF!:(( ). Remove the cap, gently flatten the edge of the felt-type eyeliner, and turn the dial about 10 times (10 clicks) before using it. 
BEFORE EVERY SUBSEQUENT USE: Shake well with the cap on, remove the cap, and turn the dial about 1 or 2 times before using it.
*In the event of excessive fluid delivery use tissue paper or similar paper to reduce the amount of fluid.
The tip is a light brush that I didn't have trouble controlling. The liner comes out really wet so when you apply it to your lids, you have to let it dry first for a minute or two before you do any eye movements. I usually end up with streaks on my crease which is why I have my cotton buds ready at all times.

The light ones were the initial swatches I made when I rotated the dial for around two times only, it best to wipe the excess first off your hand, I think. But like I said, I opened it wrong which is why I think I'm paying the price now.

My left eye which I successfully applied the liner to. right eye which isn't quite as successful as the other one.

It takes a lot of practice to get used to using the Perfect Automatic Liner! Whew!

The Majolica Majorca Perfect Automatic Liner is available for around P800 at any SM Department store.


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