Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Visit to Moonleaf Tea Shop!

With the milk craze still on its high season here in Manila, its no wonder a lot of tea shops have been spurting all over the city. One particular tea shop that friends have been highly recommending is the Moon Leaf Tea Shop, which is conveniently (well, not really for me) located in Quezon City.

Like all other tea shops, Moonleaf also offers the usual milk tea with pearls. I had the Wintermelon Milk Tea (P75) (with less pearls as my preference).

I personally loved it! Very very yummy and definitely hits that milk tea craving. But it was a bit on the sweet side, I'm not sure if they have a sweetness preference scale because they didn't ask me.

Unlike other milk tea shops, they only have one size. The drinks are also a lot cheaper. When I got there, there was a long queue of students waiting to buy their milk teas! The drinks were served quickly but they don't call your name immediately. The branch in Katipunan is only a small kiosk where you order your drink from the outside. Maybe they should keep it air-conditioned because the line gets too long?

So now on my milk tea scale, here are the current players:
1st- Ersao (for being the cheapest and most satisfying, especially when you pair it with their crunchy squid and rice--suuuuhrap!)
2nd- Happy Lemon (really highest for me because I haven't tried any drink of theirs that was bad, well we'll see!)
3rd- Cha Time! (review on this next time when I bring a camera)
4th- Moonleaf
5th- Serenitea (been served by watered down milk tea whenever I order)

I do highly recommend giving this tea shop a visit!

Moonleaf Tea Shop has branches in Esteban Abada Street near Katipunan Ave., and also in Maginhawa Street in the UP Village.


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  4. I love moonleaf. marami naman ibang tea shops pero Moonleaf na talaga ang nakasanayan ko :) I think ginawan ko din sila ng review...

  5. yeah moonleaf i have to say ranks high on my list quality-wise! their very consistent with their flavor and they never fail to satisfy my milk tea craving.


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