Saturday, April 2, 2011

AVON Ideal Shade Liquid Foundation + Smooth Mineral Eyeshadow Review

Just look at these make-up! I won it all as a prize from Nikki of AskMeWhats, one of my favorite bloggers around! They all come from Avon and I was so happy to receive them because I have been wanting to try their line since forever but had no idea how to choose the right shades and stuff because you have to buy it from a catalogue.

Was I happy when I got this package in the mail?
Hell YES!!!

So this post starts my backlog, and I'll be starting with the first 2 items on the left, which is the Avon Ideal Shade Liquid Foundation and the Smooth Mineral Eyeshadow.

First up is the Avon Ideal Shade Liquid Foundation:
What AVON says:
Formulated with PreciseLight Technology.** For continuous balance, adds moisture or absorbs oil wherever needed. Natural satin smooth finish. Featherlight medium coverage.
**PRECISELIGHT TECHNOLOGY has innovative light-adjusting pigments, making your skin look natural wherever you are.
So here's how the bottle looks inside:
Definitely not a big fan of this narrow-mouth glass packaging. Its hard to control the amount of foundation that comes out of the bottle. What I did was I would turn the bottle upside down, then get the contents from the inside of the lid so I don't waste the product.

The shade that I was given is NATURAL, which is actually close to my actual skintone:
The foundation has a lightweight feel, and you cannot find any heavy coverage. It gave me a dewy complexion, which I think is okay if you have dry skin. I have super oily skin so I don't use this a lot. It was pretty okay for me.
I think its available in 2 other shades.

Next up is the AVON Smooth Mineral Eyeshadow:
I have to say I loved this one! As I've said before, I'm not a fan of mineral make-up because it usually means its not pigmented. But this eyeshadow is really really nice, and I love this even if it takes more care to apply it than regular eyeshadow, due to the fall-outs that occur when you brush it on.

The shade that I got is Mocha Goddess.

What AVON says:
Superfine powder pigments blend like a dream. Use one or layer, go sheer or smoky. Whisper-soft, air-light. Natural radiance, pure luxury.

I have to say though, I'm also not a fan of the packaging because its sometimes hard to twist the brush out of the bottle:

But the brush is very nice, it doesn't feel scratchy and helps glide on your eyeshadow to your lid!

I use this by dusting it on to my lid first: (pretend that my hand is my lid), then I smooth it all over with the added brush.

Here's the look I came up with using only this eyeshadow and just added some pencil eyeliner to complete it:
Sorry if its so blurry! But I'm sure you can see that the shadow is very shimmery. What I love most about the eyeshadow is that it has a range of colors--its not just a drab brown, it has a nice copper finish over the brown.

Also, the color is so pigmented! You have to be careful in getting the amount of shadow you desire, since the brush is submerged in the powder, its bound to contain a lot. So give the brush a little shake before you apply it directly on your eye. Or apply a little, smooth it over with a clean finger, then just add more if you want.

Reviews on the lipsticks and the lipliner coming tomorrow!
This post officially ends my blogging hiatus, happy summer everyone!!! How's the cold weather treating you?:D (Wasn't that an ironic statement? Hahaha!) 


  1. love that eyeshadow, can it be used to countour?

  2. Congratulations on winning!!! I was hoping to win this one! LOL!!

  3. hye rin: yup, its great for contouring!

    michelle: ikr? really lucky to have won this!:D

  4. There are A LOT more than just two other shades of this foundation!!!

  5. i think in the US there are other shades but here in the philippines they only have 2 shades available.


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