Sunday, November 20, 2011

Hortaleza Professional Hair Coloring Cream Review: A DIY Hair Color tutorial as well!

I was desperate. I was sick and tired of my black black black hair (which I dyed because of depression? LOL) so I wanted to change it up. After a failed Revlon home color (nothing emerged), I went to HBC to try using their Hortaleza Hair Coloring Cream for a different perspective.

Here was my hair before:

What is black as night right!?!!? The dye I previously had before this coloring session had absolutely no effect on it.

And now on to the tools of the trade, you will need:
1) a plastic mixing bowl
2) Hortaleza Professional Oxidizing Lotion at 12% -- person from Hortaleza said that the lighter you want to go, get the higher number. Its available in 6%, 9% and 12%. This is peroxide I think and has AMMONIA, a word of caution to those who might have severe reactions tot his product.

3) Hortaleza Professional Coloring Cream (7.46) in Sunset Red
This hair coloring cream prevents damage to hair without the offensive odor and enriched with essential oils plus conditioners to achieve beautifully soft and long-lasting vibrant tones on hair.

3) Hortaleza Professional Hair Spa Treatment (or dollops of conditioner)

4) A fine toothed comb
5) Coloring brush
6) Lots of hair clips!!!

And of course, you have to ready your work-station, which in my case is my bathroom by layering lots of newspapers all over so that dye will not get anywhere:

To protect your clothes, grab a trash bag, cut a hole at the end and wear it over your head.

1 oxidizing lotion = 1 tube of hair coloring cream!
I poured the oxidizing lotion first into the plastic bowl. Its VERY IMPORTANT that you use plastic and NOT metal.

Next, pour out the coloring cream into the bowl:

Then stir until everything's all mixed up:

Here's how to apply the color all over your hair:
1) I section my hair into 4 equal parts and start applying each section from the roots to the tip until each part is fully saturated with dye.
2) Upon reaching the area near the top, do not zero in on the scalp first.
3) Repeat until all sections are completely saturated. Do not skimp on the hair dye.
4) Wait for 20 minutes, then do your scalp. (I did this because my scalp already had re-growth)
5) Use a plastic cap to cover your hair so the dye doesn't go dripping down anywhere while you wait.

6) The recommended time is 30 minutes, but I did 1 hour to let the color really sink in.
7) Rinse your hair in warm water. Massage the color into you hair for a minute then rinse and rinse and rinse until the water turns clear.
8) Douse your hair with the hot oil sachet (use the whole thing) or with tons of conditioner. Rinse off.

Here's the color while waiting:

And the final result:
The hair dye couldn't just seem to work against the black.

I'm thinking of bleaching my hair at home during the Christmas break--yes that's how much I want to get red hair!!! I'm getting desperate here!

All in all though, the main difference I found between the HBC hair color from the Revlon hair color was the SMELL. HBC's had a strong smell while Revlon was very fragrant and smelled like shampoo. My hair also became coarser with HBC, but if I used Revlon, my hair is usually very soft after coloring. And finally, more color showed up when I used HBC, but didn't show up at all with Revlon.

Hortaleza Professional Hair Coloring Cream only costs P250, the Oxidizing Lotion at P90, and the Hot Oil Treatment for P20. Everything is available at any HBC store. They usually have sales!!!:D

NOTE: I went to another HBC store to get another supply of hair color but the ladies told me that the Oxidizing Lotiona at 6% is actually for coloring gray hair. You go higher the percentage if you want a lighter color.


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  2. haizt! i won 4 hair colors from hbc. i used the deep hazel brown alone.wlang oxidizing lotion.ahaha fail.. ok lang ba reapply?

  3. wait for around a week or so i think, don't forget the oxidizing lotion!

  4. ayh! hehe i can't wait for next week haha. i'm so excited lang sa new hair. it's my 1st time *.* thank you for the advice

  5. i just colored my hair today,, i used hbc hortaleza hazel blonde black na black hair ko,, i think hindi tumalab tsaka hindi oxidizing lotion ang ginamit ko,, pero di ko pa ti nry tignan under the sun,, hehe,,

  6. Oh what did you use with the coloring cream instead? You should mix it with the oxidizing lotion or else it won't show up on your hair. its what makes your hair lighter :)

  7. oh.. i used garnier color naturals (developer milk) hehe.. its my first time,,, when can i color my hair again? :>

  8. hmm my best advice is when you buy stuff from hortaleza, its better to ask the salespeople there what goes well with the product.:) i also recommend revlon colorsilk--easy to apply and smells great!

    there's a 1 month hair color resting rule i think, but i seriously don't follow it. i don't advice that you follow what i do because i tend to be impatient because as a first timer, your hair might get too damaged from all the chemicals :)

  9. oh,, hmmm,, actually i just saw the oxidizing lotion in front of the mirror after i apply the hair color.. hehe,,, 1 month,, i can`t wait.. haha! anyway thank you so much,, (^^,) <3

  10. Just dyed my hair with hortaleza hazel blonde but it turmed out to be something red.. ugghhh

  11. oh no, what was the color of your hair before you dyed it?

  12. thanks for giving an idea. i also tried dyeing hair light chestnut, but only turned out reddish brown. maklaro lng xya under sunlight. maybe need more peroxide to go lighter from natural black. should try bleaching hair with hortaleza hcc 10 before dying to another color again. hopefully turns well this time. how exactly do they dye hair in salons? never been...

  13. its really hard to work with super black hair right?:D yes i think you should try bleaching your hair, but if your a newbie with this i suggest go look for tutorials on how to do it properly. bleach might permanently damage your hair. i also suggest using tony moly's bleach instead of hortaleza because the former is easier to apply especially for us non-salon people :)

  14. is 6% oxidizing lotion enuf to attain the sunset red color of hair ??? because we used 12% and it turned brown..

  15. according to the salesperson in hortaleza, you go higher for a lighter shade! so definitely go for 12%. i hope this is accurate though!:)

  16. Used half of the tube, not much color appeared. D: Guess the amount of oxidizing lotion was wrong? Used the color burgundy. It looks like cellophane ugh. I don't get the oxidizing lotion part. D: help?

  17. hi dj! as i've said in my review, you have to use the ENTIRE tube and the ENTIRE bottle for coloring your hair. its a 1:1 ratio!:)
    hmm well hortaleza sells different kinds of oxidizing lotions, at 6%, 8% and 12%. 6% is for dyeing gray hair, hence if your hair is black like mine, you have to for higher, like the 12%, so that it actually colors your hair.

  18. Thanks for the tips. Exact amount is really the secret behind it.

  19. is this okay for rebonded hair? Thank you for the answer! :)

  20. Its my first time to color my hair and i dont know which color am i going to apply on my hair.Well i have a tan skin my hair is naturally brown under the sun.So does hbc color will damaged my hair?im so afraid to have a frizzy hair.

    Thank you!

  21. the result of my hair isnt like that! mine is super red esp sa may roots grabe, i was so shocked! and ung color ng mixture ko is kinda look violet T_T

  22. i think yours turned out much redder because like i said in my entry, my hair was previously dyed black that was suppose to be very permanent. i had a purple mixture as well, the camera just wasn't able to capture the color well :)
    how's your hair though? was it a total disaster or does it look okay?

    1. Hi as uve said u previously dyed your hair into black then ginamit mo yang product m yan para matablan ng kulay? Nagpunta kasi ako sa mga salon, they told me hindi makukulayan ang buhok ko kasi nag dye ako ng black 1 month ago.

  23. di aku mkachamba ng sunset red. T-T copper nlng gnamit ku.. almost 3 tubes tpos dku pdn feel ung effect.. gnun cguro tlga pgmgsstart sa black hair..

  24. try changing to lighter colors so your hair will lighten more :)

  25. i need some help Guys.. my hair was color Brown then i Dye it with ash blonde i assume that it would turn out to be Grayish white... After all the proceedures it turns out as a light brown.. Um what should i do?

  26. if your hair is naturally black, you have to bleach your hair first before applying another color. applying a lighter color to a black hair without bleaching will just be a waste of money.

  27. hi i just want to know if i used 12% oxiding solution and light copper blonde on my virgin black hair would it turn to reallly light orange blonde? as i saw on kinda scared a bit..

  28. I highly doubt? Do a test strand--where you put just a tiny bit of the mixed dye to a part of your hair and see what color will come out before you color your entire head :)

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  30. Hi juz dyed my hair today its mahogany 5.6 n i used 12% ox. Am nt that happy wit d result i wanted sana mas darker at halata what can i do?:)

  31. Thanks for putting up the review. Helps a lot.

    gray hair

  32. I appreciate all of the information that you have shared. Thank you for the hard work!
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  33. Kapag 12% po ba ang nilagay mas kita yung hair color ? pwede rin po ba paghaluin yung 6% and 12% ?

  34. @jeremy - thanks! :)

    @jannah - it is and that's so true!

    @leesa - uh why would you want to mix the 6% and 12%? just follow the instructions, its also for your own safety.

    @joan - choose a lighter shade, mahogany isn't light enough. get something that's almost blonde or bleach your hair prior to dyeing.


  36. Hello. Gusto ko po magkulay ng buhok. Kulay red tulad kay yeng. Hehehe. Pano po ba? I mean, ano yung mga dapat kong bilhin? Thankyou po. :)

  37. Hello, my hair came from reddish brown color, then tried ligh ash blonde with 12% oxidizing lotion. However, I wasn't able to achieve my desired color effect. My hair turns even darker instead of lighter. I don't know what's wrong.. I've followed all the instructions. :(

  38. Hi anonymous,

    I think its probably because you chose an ash blonde shade. Ash shades turn your hair darker even if its paired with the words light and blonde. Try bleaching your hair first then use a non-ash blonde shade.

  39. Ung hair q po is like red brown pero gusto q pa po mag light tlga. Panu po b?

  40. 1hair cream color HAZEL BLONDE & oxidizing lotion is enough for a medium hair like you?? ty .


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