Friday, September 10, 2010

GMarket Package is Finally Here!!! + Hera HD Foundation review

Do you guys remember my last post? I recently ordered from GMarket, and my package finally arrived!!!

But...don't be deceived by the huge box, it only contains a single thing. My item was shipped out on SEPTEMBER 6, and within only 3 DAYS, it arrived at my doorstep! I had to pay an additional P40 upon its arrival but ohwellsies!

Let me tell you the background first, this haul was suppose to contain Rain lightsticks as well but unfortunately these items were out of stock. I have to commend GMarket's speedy customer service who consistently answered all my queries EVERYDAY, and who constantly updated me on the status of that product. Eventually the seller canceled the order and thankfully refunded the amount I already paid to my Paypal account.
See what's the only thing inside the huuuge box? That's why I think its definitely better to accumulate all the things you want to buy first before checking it out.
I am very thankful that the seller ♡미엘르♡ packaged everything well so the product would not be harmed throughout the shipping process. They sent the item very quickly after I ordered this, so reliable!
Plus, the freebies! You gotta love Korean sellers, they don't skimp on them! (Notice the Korean Pond's there?)
Here's my new foundation packaged very tightly ready to be open by my very eager hands...and VOILA!
Gorgeous, gorgeous packaging! I love anything with a pump so I love it already! This is the Hera HD Foundation which is the HG of HD foundations in Korea. I've been longing to try it and its great timing because my Laniege foundation is running out. I've never tried HD foundations before so I'm so excited to use it!
Not sure if you guys notice this but the part of my hand with the foundation decreased the lines while the other part doesn't. So interesting!
And finally, just to give you a reference of how small the bottle is, I placed it beside my deodorant roll-on. The Hera HD foundation is pretty pricey, it costs 28,300won (Php1,132.00) and the seller was one of those who sold it at a cheaper rate. Shipping fee was an additional 12,400won (Php496.00). I definitely think its more advisable to get more items so your shipping fee will be more sulit.

Tips for buying from GMarket:
1) Don't be afraid to ask questions before buying anything!
A lot of reviews on GMarket say their customer service sucks, but I have to say that it doesn't, through my own experience. I was frustrated with the seller of the Rain lightsticks because he did not reply to my inquiries AT ALL. But the customer service staff of GMarket did and it was definitely encouraging to know that they were doing something about getting your product shipped out.

2) Use Paypal Express Checkout instead of a Credit Card for payment
Using Paypal Express Checkout is easier just in case you cancel your order and you need to get a refund.

Even though you translate GMarket, its bound to still contain many Korean characters. When buying something (if there are multiple items), make sure it corresponds to the item you want.

4) Research on good sellers
I was too excited to this part but I will remember this tip carefully! A good website I know puts up items they've seen or discovered and even the sellers so you can use this as a reference when looking for something.
HellsYeah!GMarket is a good place to start.

Anyway that's it for now! If you guys have any questions about ordering from GMarket and what-not, feel free to leave a comment and I'll be happy to answer them.


  1. hi there,. wow, finally,.. i saw someone using gmarket..
    im from phil. too

    what are the other payment method, using GMARKET, i don't have paypal/ccard :(

  2. lol that was my problem before too! there are only a limited number of people using gmarket which is why i decided to try it out for myself.

    i personally think using paypal is the SAFEST WAY to use gmarket. the payment methods are just: 1) bank transfer- you need to have a korean bank account for this so i guess this probably isn't an option; 2) foreign credit cards; and 3) paypal express checkout - need also to use a paypal account for this.

    i suggest that you ask your friends if they have a paypal account and maybe you can use it to purchase items from gmarket. actually its pretty easy to set one up, plus it's free!

    let me know if you have other questions!^^

  3. ow, how about master card?
    do u think, they will accept it?
    i dont want to use pay pal (well i know it safe)
    but every transaction i will have, also minus from my pay pal

  4. yes they accept mastercard!
    although paypal doesn't charge you for using it. you can actually have a paypal account using your credit card, that's how i pay for my expenses. but if you're confident in using your card, then that's no problem!:)

  5. ow really, paypal will not charge, me for every transaction i will have through gmarket?

    (im sorry, if im having a lot of question, its just, i really want to try gmarket, so thank u for helping me)

    maybe next month, i will try this gmarket,
    i already sign up, the problem is just
    payment ^^^and also confusing korean words esp. in clothing section (even though im in gmarket english already) @.@

  6. its really no problem! nope, paypal will only charge you for RECEIPT of payments (for sellers), not for OUTGOING payments :)

    no problem with the questions, i'm glad to help!

    try learning it first! when i choose clothes to buy, i go to the sellers who use codes for their items (try this seller: that way the only thing i need translated through GOOGLE TRANSLATE are the colors. it's definitely easier that way, right?

    i just recently bought a few things from gmarket which includes clothes and shoes, i'll post a review and tut on how to do that. sizes can also get confusing because everything's mostly in korean.

  7. can i ask how much did you pay for custom taxes? i'm from the phils too and want to order from gmarket but afraid for expensive charges in custom. :)

  8. i didn't pay any customs taxes for this package. check my other entry about gmarket because i paid A LOT for my 2nd order.:)

  9. Hi... can I ask for the link of seller for the Rain lightstick? I've been trying to help out a friend who wants a Rain lightstick, yet I can't find it online. Thanks so much in advance ^^

  10. hey there! unfortunately those rain lightsticks are out of stock so they're not selling it anymore.

  11. Hi! been wondering if gmarket includes the receipt on the package?

  12. yes they do! its found taped on the box and inside the box.:)

  13. Hi, how come yours is sent door to door while mine is...
    I have to claim it at the customs office T__T

  14. i think that's because my package only contained 1 item, in this case the foundation. all my other orders i had to claim at the customs office as well (check my other gmarket hauls!).:)

  15. Hi can i ask if i can buy on Gmarket from different sellers and combined shipping? And I also want to know how does the discounted price work. Thanks! :)

  16. How did you pay for it when it arrived? The delivery boy asks for it?


  17. what do you mean? like customs charges?

  18. Oh sorry i meant the additional 40 pesos. my bad.

  19. Omg! Can you tell me how you managed to order from gmarket online? Like make a step-by-step guide or something? I really want to order things from gmarket but I'm always too afraid of the bloody custom taxes here in PH (bought a laptop overseas and they made me pay an additional 3k :c) and i looked on your blog but i couldn't find your own tutorial...xD please make one?

  20. hmm i might make a tutorial soon if im bored haha ill try my best!:D


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