Saturday, April 9, 2011

Etude House Miss Tangerine Petit Darling Nails Kit Review

I find the new Etude House Miss Tangerine line (with Dara as the endorser) absolutely cute. When I got the chance to visit the store, I wasted no time swatching all the products in the line and I was really tempted to get the blusher. But I restrained myself because I do have similar shades of the looks so I could just imitate them.

But I just had to buy the Miss Tangerine Petit Darling Nails Kit:

What Etude House says:
A trio of carefully chosen nail polishes that creates lovely Tangerine gradation nail art in three easy steps.
[Product Lineup]
1. Tangerine Pink Nail Color
2. Sparkling Tangerine Nail Coat
3. Bling Bling Tangerine Pearl Coat 
[Directions] 1. Apply #1 to nails, covering entire nail surface. 2. Allow nails to partly dry then apply #2 to nails from the midnail line to the tip. 3 Allow coats #1 and #2 to partly dry then apply #3 just along the nail tips.
First off, I want to say that I know nothing about nail art but because I want to try doing something different to my nails, I bought these. So here are the polishes up close:
The one on the left is my own Petit Darling clear polish which I also used for my nails for the top coat.

As the directions said, you first apply the Tangerine Pink Nail Color all over your nails:
I used 2 coats, because the color is pretty light.

Then after waiting for it to partly dry, apply the Sparkling Tangerine Pearl Coat from the middle of your nail all the way to the tip:
Only used 1 coat because we're topping it off with more shimmers.

Finally, after both coats are partly dry, apply the Bling Bling Tangerine Pearl Coat to your tips (think french tip!).
I extended it over the tips because I loved the way the colors blended together.

And now the finished product:

The Etude House Miss Tangerine Petit Darling Nails Kit is perfect for anyone who wants to wear a bit of tangerine in their lives but isn't sure if it would match well with their skin tone. The effect is also pretty subtle and isn't overpowering at all. Its also great for anyone like me who's a total noob when it comes to nail art.

Etude House Miss Tangerine Petit Darling Nails Kit is available at any Etude House store (SM The Block North Edsa or Megamall) for only P328.00.


  1. Will check this one out! Great post! :D

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