Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My first online order from YesAsia

I made my first ever online buy over at YesAsia last weekend, because I have been lusting over 2ne1's mini-album. Everyone knows that this will never be available in the Philippines, plus I do not know anyone who lives in Korea, so I went for it!

Here is proof of my order! I'm not loaded with money so I just chose Standard Shipping so as not to burden my pocket so much. It's expected to ship out on Aug. 4, 2009 and will be arriving around 6-14 days from that date.

I'm hoping for the best and based on the reviews, its a pretty reliable online shop. I'm excited to get the mini-album, many are raving about the cover art and how it's all worth it. Will update you guys if I finally get the album!

P.S. Readers, if in doubt with your YesAsia order, I suggest googling it and reading about other Filipinos' experiences :) If you're doubting whether to order online, there's a Korean bookstore in P.Burgos St., Makati (OK BOOKSTORE) that sells a lot of k-pop albums that are popular. And if the album you desire isn't there, you can place an order with them which they will get for you.

P.P.S. If you have really technical questions (credit card inquiries, etc), its best to ask YesAsia itself, they reply to your queries quickly so there's nothing to lose by first asking them.

P.P.S.S. YesAsia should give me free gifts for answering all your comments! Haha just kidding guys.


  1. hi ate!!! pwede po ba malaman kung pano ung process and mga kailangan para mkapag order sa yes asia?? gusto ko po kc mg order eh,, pls reply po ,, thank you,,

    lovinia viloria

  2. hey there, ordering in yesasia is pretty easy, but you should first get an account by registering in their global site if you're from the philippines. there are instructions from there.

    the basic premise is that like any online shopping, you first choose the product/s you want then you have the option to have it shipped through standard or express. express will be pricier (esp bec DHL puts in some extra costs that aren't suppose to be there when your package arrives). my 1st order was standard shipping and it arrived within a month rather than the 7-14 days which is "normal" daw. but anyway if you don't get your package within the said number of days, yesasia will re-ship it free of charge when you inform them.

    btw you also need to have either a credit card or paypal account to pay for your item.:)

  3. wow thank you po.. may account na po ako sa yes asia n nsa account ko n din po ung credit card number,, ok n po cguro un :)

    san po ba xa idididiver sa mismong address ng house po nmin or i ppick up?? thank you po ulet..

    and pano po ma ttrack ung order?? xenxa n po dami ko tanong :)

  4. Hi there! I'm also interested in buying stuff from YesAsia, and I'm also from the Philippines. My main concern is if your package gets delivered to your home personally, or if you have to pick it up pa from the post office. (When we ordered stuff from Amazon, we had to go all the way to the post office to get it!)

    I'm presuming yours got delivered on your doorstep even with standard shipping?


  5. lovinia: no problem! if you choose standard shipping, you have to pick it up at the post office. you also can't track your package and won't be receving a tracking number. if it's express, they deliver it to your house with an extra charge. ganun talaga with DHL, they have weird charges for "handling". but you can track your package all the time with the tracking number they'll be giving you.

    i honestly don't know why it takes so long for the package to arrive since its supposedly from HK, but i guess that's just the way philippine customs handles it.

  6. red-ethyros: i think i answered your question with my answer to lovinia above :)

    standard = post office
    express = your doorstep

  7. HMM,thank you po.. so sa jan 23 po kc expect arrival nung cd so,,jan 23 po kaya tlga xa darating?? sa nman pong post office kukunin sa main po ba or ung pinkamalapit smin?? my nkpagsabi din po n may darating n notice from post office pag ready to pick up n po ung package,, is it true.. thank you again

  8. hi ate,, im here again,,, matagal po ba talaga ung process ng card verification sa credit card pag first time mg order sa yesasia.. it's been 3 days na po since ng order ako(sat-mon) credit card verification pa din ung status ng order ko,, thank you po,, again,,

  9. lovinia: if its express, yes it will arrive by that date. if its standard, you have to wait for the notice from the post office to arrive so you can pick up your package from there.

    vina: try inquiring to yesasia why its taking a long time, sometimes you have to call your credit card company to let them allow yesasia to process it. for me, it only took a few minutes to get my credit card verified.

  10. Hello po. I just want to share my experience and ask for your opinion, miss bea.

    I had my first ever transaction with yesasia a week ago and it went exceptionally well.

    I bought a Jrock album, LAST by UVERworld, and selected the standard shipping for the item. the price of the item is $40 so I am entitled to free shipping. I ordered it last may 8, and it shipped out on the 11th. I was actually prepared to wait for weeks, or even a month or so for the item to arrive considering our 'fail' postal service so I didn't check my acoount in yesasia just yet. But lo and behold, it arrived 3 days after the ship-out date right at my doorstep by DPEX turned over to LBC (what happended to DHL?). so I checked the order details and found out that yesasia actually provided a tracking code for the package and used DPEX as the shipping agent.

    Last monday, may 17, I bought another album, The Secret Code by Tohoshinki and it shipped out just yesterday, may 19. This time, I checked my account but now it says that the shipping agent is "Airmail".

    Question: Have you or has anybody else you know experienced selecting the standard shipping option but enjoyed an express delivery of your package?

    I'm not so sure about this but I'm thinking its just a promo for first timers. I haven't seen or received any ads or notifications about it though. Thanks!

    jay -

  11. hi jay! wow you're super lucky! i honestly have never experienced this, i guess it really depends on other circumstances.

    hmm maybe its not a promo for first timers because when i ordered for the first time as well, it was so long. maybe yes asia has changed their shipping agent because they received a lot of negative feedback about DHL.

    i'll be trying out a new online site called GMARKET soon to order some new albums. a lot of people say its cheaper and the sales get counted immediately in the korean charts so i might test it out.^^

    thanks for sharing your story! you're lucky!!

  12. Hey, it's me again. I just checked my yesasia account, and to my surprise, the shipping agent changed from "Airmail" to "DPEX" again! (YAY!)

    Maybe YesAsia is now using DPEX for all of its order shipments, or do I have to say I just got lucky again? hehe..

  13. oh so it looks like they changed their shipping agent nga!^^ good for you! hmmm maybe i should order from yesasia instead of burdening myself with learning how to get a paypal account to buy things at gmarket safely.

  14. Hello,,
    Ive been waiting my order "don't Dont" album. It's ship out date was July 9 2010. I actually go to post office if there is a package for me but then it seems it hasn't arrive yet. What should i do? Date today is August 12, 2010. More than a month from the shipout date. By the way, I chose standard shipping.

  15. hi james! hmm that's so weird, i actually just ordered recently around last month, chose standard shipping and everything came 2 weeks after. you should send yesasia an email about this so they'll resend the package. maybe something went wrong with the shipping.


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