Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Tea Tree Oil Project - Day 2

And so the Tea Tree Oil Project continues!!!

I've been applying this one ALL THE TIME--okay maybe four times today. The salesladies at The Body Shop told me I should apply it everytime I wash my face. It just so happened that I stayed in the house all day.

On to the progress:
[photos as usual will be AFTER the jump just in case your eyes are sensitive and don't want to see them pimples!] 

Just look at the marked improvement of that big red gaping thing! Its completely downsized and the bump is gone, and after just one day. This is enough for me to have so much hope in continuing to use tea tree oil. So far its working wonders!
As for my entire forehead, the bumps have seemed to lessen, but they're still there. Not much of a big improvement, but the pimples have diminished in size.

Let's cross our fingers and hope continued use will clear up my face completely!

By the way, for those who don't know, I have super oily skin. I've read in many reviews that tea tree oil can be drying, so if you have dry to normal skin and choose to use this, don't forget to moisturize afterwards so your skin won't be damaged.


  1. Hope this works out for yoU! :)

  2. i hope it doesss!!! kyaaaaah!!!

  3. I hope tea tree oil will help you clear acne. pray for everyone too =)

  4. i hope so too, nobody wants acne at 23!!!:((


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