Sunday, February 27, 2011

My Top 5 Favorite Make-up Gurus!

When people ask me how I learned to apply make-up on myself, my answer is quite simple: I learned from YOUTUBE! But seriously, YouTube is a great medium for anyone who wants to learn a thing or two about the basics and the non-basics.
I have been meaning to write this blog entry for as long as I can remember, but it took quite some time before I could. So here I'll present a list of my favorite make-up gurus on Youtube and hope my readers check them out for themselves and become a fan of theirs as well!

I'll be naming my TOP 5 Make-up gurus, give a short description about them and then show you my favorite make-up video of theirs!

1) Michelle Phan
Michelle Phan is a Vietnamese American who has come a looong way from mere make-up videos. She has over a million subscribers and churns out many make-up looks, from simple everyday wearable make-up to costume styles.

I love watching her tutorials because I find that she makes pretty wearable looks and its not hard to follow her instructions. Even though she uses products by her sponsor (Lancome), she still says what shade to use so you don't have to use the exact product she does.

Fave vid of hers:

2) Kandee Johnson
Kandee Johnson is an immensely talented make-up artist who can do ANY look you give her. I'm serious. She's a lovely mother of two who lives in America and keeps coming up with crazy looks that inspire any make-up enthusiast to be more experiemental--it also helps that she's so gorgeous. I think she looks like Megan Fox, definitely a perkier one.

She even has additional videos that does not only focus on make-up, but also other salon related stuff like how to color your own hair, etc. I learned how to color mine evenly because of her!

Fave vid of her: (if you guys can't relate to Jem and the Holograms, well that means I'm OLD.)

She has TONS of other costume looks that are worth so many views, so go go go subscribe to her!

3) Catalina
Catalina is a Korean who lives in New York who has two loves: make-up and penguins! I chose her as my next guru because as compared to Kandee, she's a lot more toned down when it comes to her looks. She mostly makes tutorials on a lot of famous Asian pop stars, whether Korean or Japanese.

I love watching her tutorials because the products she features (the ones I got that is) all work pretty well with me. Her instructions aren't hard to follow. Plus her videos don't take too long so you can see that they're all do-able even for beginners.

Fave vid:

I wore this make-up tutorial for about a month before switching to another look, I swear!

4) Jen FrmHeadtoToe
What can I say about Jen aside from the fact that I find her super duper gorgeous? I wish I had her skin, her eyes, no her face! This guru was a pretty recent find for me, but I've been so hooked on her ever since. Her blog and tutorials feature much more than make-up (which also feature a lot of k-pop artists, are you still wondering why I love her?), she also talks about fashion and hair.

By the way she's also Korean like Catalina.

Fave vid of her:

5) Nikki of NikkiTutorials
Nikki is only 16! She's only 16 but she puts on make-up like a real pro. Wait have I mentioned that she's only 16? She's goofy, spunky and totally funny. She knows so many tricks up her sleeves, but you should be warned, most of her looks involve glitter--the totally appropriate kind. Her videos tend to run more than 5 minutes because she talks you through the instructions, but its fine with me because I understand her more that way.

Can't believe this girl is only 16, she is ah-mazing!

Fave vid of hers:

I hope you guys do subscribe to these lovely make-up gurus because they continue to inspire me everyday to experiment and just have fun with make-up.

Any other make-up gurus you love? Share them with me!^^


  1. Thanks for sharing!I am already following Jen :) xxx

  2. that's great! i love her!!!

  3. I totally agree on Michelle Phan, she's my fave too. And I also like Bubzbeauty (:

  4. Michelle Phan is total love!


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