Wednesday, June 2, 2010

YesAsia Shopping Guide!

After numerous questions regarding my online shopping through, I'm finally providing a shopping guide for all noobs. But first things first:

What exactly is YesAsia?
In the website, you can choose from a vast range of products, including books, electronic goods, music CDs, videos in both DVD and VCD formats, comics, video games and accessories, and gift items such as posters, photo albums, calendars and collectibles.
YesAsia mostly specializes in Asian CDs and DVDs and actually has a sister site called Yesstyle which features Asian fashion for men and women.
What do you like most about YesAsia?
Their customer service is excellent, they respond to your questions quickly and they address all your concerns before and after purchasing. There are also many payment options and they offer FREE SHIPPING if your order is more than US$39.
Any downside to YesAsia?
A lot of people may find that the site has more expensive goods than other online shops like GMarket, but what makes up for it is that it is so much easier to browse and search for the product you want to buy.

Let's get on with the guide!

STEP 1: GOING TO YES-ASIA.COM. On your browser, type in and proceed to either SIGN IN (if you already have an account) or REGISTER (if you still don't have an account).
Note: The YesAsia website for international orders is different from the one for US orders. So if you reside in the US, make sure you do not go to the global site and register instead in the US site.

Step 2: SIGNING IN OR REGISTER. Proceed to SIGN IN or SIGN UP NOW. Choosing the latter option will lead you to a short sign-up form that's pretty self-explanatory. Just completely fill out the necessary details then you might have to confirm your email address. After confirming, log-in and proceed to Step 3.
Step 3: SEARCHING FOR YOUR ITEM. On the search box placed on the topmost part of the website, enter the keywords of the item you're looking for. For example, I want to buy SNSD's Run Devil Run album so I type in 'SNSD' as my keyword.
Note: Remember to uncheck the box which states "Include Out Of Stock Item Results (#)" as not to make a mistake of ordering an out-of-stock item. Even if you choose an out-of-stock item, YesAsia will not allow you to order this.
Step 4: FINDING YOUR DESIRED ITEM. Scroll down and look for the product that you want. Ah, here it is! Click on the name of your item and proceed to Step 5.
Step 5: ADDING TO CART OR SAVING FOR LATER? Clicking on your item's link will lead you to this page. You can either choose to add the item to your cart OR choose to save it for later.
Step 6: SAVING FOR LATER. If you click (2) or save for later, this pop-up would appear and there will be a notification that you have already saved this item for later. The benefit of having this save for later is that it doesn't immediately go to your shopping cart and you wouldn't make a mistake in purchasing it if in the end you don't want to.
Step 7: VIEWING YOUR SAVED ITEMS. When you view the items you have already saved, the page will show you that your shopping cart is empty. But you have the option to add your saved item to your shopping cart OR deleting it. I suggest saving the items you want prior to adding it to you shopping cart so that you are sure of your purchases.
Step 8: ADDING TO YOUR SHOPPING CART. If, however, you choose to add the item to your shopping cart, this pop-up would appear stating the number of items in your shopping cart.
Step 9: VIEWING YOUR SHOPPING CART. From either the item page or your saved items list, proceed to view your shopping cart if you are ready to make your purchase. Review the items first prior to clicking PROCEED TO CHECK-OUT. If you want to view the gift card options as you are giving the item as a gift, do not forget to check the box below the PROCEED TO CHECK-OUT link.
Step 10: ACCOUNT SIGN IN FOR CHECKOUT. One of YesAsia's protocol measures before payment is that they ask you to sign in again prior to checking out your item/s. You can either sign in on this page if you are paying through Credit Card, check/money order, or direct deposits. But if you are using your Paypal to pay for you items, click on (2) SIGN IN & CHECK-OUT WITH PAYPAL.
Methods of Payment:
YesAsia allows credit card, Paypal, check/money order and direct deposit as the various modes of payment.
Credit card - you would have to enter your credit card information in your account page. Make sure that all the information is correct. It might take some time for your card to be validated so be patient. Remember, its for your own security!
Paypal- if you have a Paypal account or have plans of making one, you can use this to purchase your items.
Check/money order- if you choose this option, you can send your check or money order to YesAsia's office: Limited
(Attn.: Accounting Department)
9/F., Watson Centre
16-22 Kung Yip Street
Kwai Chung, N.T.
Hong Kong
Remember that it may take up to 7 days for your check to be cleared and you can only make your payment in either US Dollars or Hongkong Dollars, they don't take other currencies.

Step 11: GOING OVER PAYMENT DETAILS. Go over your payment details, such as your shipping address, your credit card billing address, etc. Make sure to double, triple check this! (Sorry, no more screenshots after this because I'm sure you guys know all about security, right?) During this step, you will also choose the type of shipping and delivery.

As I said before, YesAsia offers FREE STANDARD SHIPPING for orders more than $39. Unfortunately there is no free express shipping regardless of how much you order. Here is a shipping calculator so you can compute how much you might be spending!
STANDARD SHIPPING- takes 6-14 days. Around $5, but it depends on how many items you're ordering. For us living in the Philippines, my experience had me waiting for a month for the goods to arrive. But you can always message the people from YesAsia if you have haven't received your goods during the said time and they will re-ship your product without extra cost.
(NOTE: the 1 month waiting was my experience BEFORE, when I recently ordered, it arrived within the promised timeframe. I think they changed couriers or something, so choosing FREE STANDARD SHIPPING is now highly recommended!) 
EXPRESS SHIPPING- takes 3-5 days. Aroudn $13, and also depends on how many items you're ordering. The good thing about this is that you're given a tracking number and you're not left wondering where your package is. But beware of extra charges that the shipping company might charge you when your package does arrive.

Step 12: CONFIRM YOUR PURCHASE. Finalize your purchase and WAIT. I suggest waiting for the orders to be shipped out and letting those number of days pass before you contact YesAsia looking for your package.^^

Here is a compilation of the questions you asked me from my 1st blogpost about YesAsia. If you have any other questions, please do feel free to ask!

1)  Q: hi ate!!! pwede po ba malaman kung pano ung process and mga kailangan para mkapag order sa yes asia?? gusto ko po kc mg order eh,, pls reply po ,, thank you,,

lovinia viloria

A: ordering in yesasia is pretty easy, but you should first get an account by registering in their global site if you're from the philippines. there are instructions from there.

the basic premise is that like any online shopping, you first choose the product/s you want then you have the option to have it shipped through standard or express. express will be pricier (esp bec DHL puts in some extra costs that aren't suppose to be there when your package arrives). my 1st order was standard shipping and it arrived within a month rather than the 7-14 days which is "normal" daw. but anyway if you don't get your package within the said number of days, yesasia will re-ship it free of charge when you inform them.

btw you also need to have either a credit card or paypal account to pay for your item.:)

2) Hi there! I'm also interested in buying stuff from YesAsia, and I'm also from the Philippines. My main concern is if your package gets delivered to your home personally, or if you have to pick it up pa from the post office. (When we ordered stuff from Amazon, we had to go all the way to the post office to get it!)

I'm presuming yours got delivered on your doorstep even with standard shipping?


A: if you choose standard shipping, you have to pick it up at the post office. you also can't track your package and won't be receving a tracking number. if it's express, they deliver it to your house with an extra charge. ganun talaga with DHL, they have weird charges for "handling". but you can track your package all the time with the tracking number they'll be giving you.

i honestly don't know why it takes so long for the package to arrive since its supposedly from HK, but i guess that's just the way philippine customs handles it.

3) Q: HMM,thank you po.. so sa jan 23 po kc expect arrival nung cd so,,jan 23 po kaya tlga xa darating?? sa nman pong post office kukunin sa main po ba or ung pinkamalapit smin?? my nkpagsabi din po n may darating n notice from post office pag ready to pick up n po ung package,, is it true.. thank you again

A: if its express, yes it will arrive by that date. if its standard, you have to wait for the notice from the post office to arrive so you can pick up your package from there.
4) Q: matagal po ba talaga ung process ng card verification sa credit card pag first time mg order sa yesasia.. it's been 3 days na po since ng order ako(sat-mon) credit card verification pa din ung status ng order ko,, thank you po,, again,,
A: try inquiring to yesasia why its taking a long time, sometimes you have to call your credit card company to let them allow yesasia to process it. for me, it only took a few minutes to get my credit card verified.

That's it! I know a lot of you are emailing me asking about GMarket, I'm going to try it out by next month, I've already made a Paypal account so stay tuned for that!


  1. Hello! I have 4 questions, please answer them!

    1)I was just wondering... how can you send YesAsia a message? I want to know because I'm planning to buy something there and some stuff (shipping takes long, etc.) might happen.

    2)What credit card did you use for the payment? Is it okay to use cards like BPI?

    3)How much is the shipping to the Philippines if you use standard shipping?

    4)Does the package go to your house or do you have to pick it up at the post office?

    Please answer and thanks!

  2. hey there! here are my answers:

    1) how to send yesasia a message:
    go to help >> customer Support » Order Placement » Placing an Order » Feedback

    2) yes of course you can use your bpi credit card if your bank allows use for international purchases. what you do is you register your credit card first as your system of payment then you have to wait to see if they approve its use.

    3) here is the link of shipping rates:

    4) recently on my latest order, the package was delivered to my house and when i used the free standard shipping, it arrived within the 7-14 days they promised.

  3. thanks for answering!
    about registering your credit card as your system of payment, where do you register?

  4. Its part of your profile in Yesasia, you can enter a credit card you'll use for your future purchases.

  5. Hello!

    How can I send money order to YesAsia? I was going to send YesAsia a money order a while ago through Western Union, but they said they can't find a YesAsia from their database...? I tried LBC, but they don't have money orders. Then I tried BDO, but they said it requires YesAsia's account number. Do you have any suggestions of where can I purchase a money order and how do I send this to YesAsia? (I really, really need to buy that Girls' Generation photobook :P)

    Please! And thank you :)

  6. hi!
    hmm i've never tried the payment option of using money order to yesasia, i only use paypal. to be safe, try to contact their customer service so they can help you out. don't worry, they reply quickly and will address your concerns.

    how to send yesasia a message:
    go to help >> customer Support » Order Placement » Placing an Order » Feedback

  7. Thanks for replying!

    I didn't know money orders were this complicated. May I ask how credit cards work for them? Can I send them the payment using credit cards from here? I think I read somewhere that they only accept credit card payments if you're only residing in Hong Kong.

    I'm sorry for asking many questions. I just find it hard to locate all of the informations about payment. And I just needed to make sure :>

    Anyway, thanks again!

  8. sorry for the late reply.

    yup, money orders are complicated, i suggest using your credit card or paypal account instead.
    nope, you can use a credit card issued from the philippines (if this is where you live) just as long as your bank allows it to. prior to payment, you're suppose to "register" your credit card and it goes through a verification process where yesasia makes sure that your credit card company allows such transaction.

    good luck!

  9. Yup. I used my father's credit card, and it's being verified right now. Thank you for your help! :>

  10. that's great! have fun shopping!

  11. hello po. pano ko po ba malalaman kung pwede na pong kunin sa local post office yung order ko from yesasia? free shipping po ako,, standard shipment. thank you po and sorry po sa abala.

  12. your local postman will mail you a form that you can use to pick up your package with. sometimes what i do is i call the post office and ask if its there.

    but with my experience with yesasia, they deliver it to your doorstep even if its standard shipping. you can also inquire with yesasia where your package is if its taking longer than the number of days its suppose to arrive.

  13. how can i inquire po sa yesasia? pasensya na po kung madami akong tanong. thank you po. tapos po, pwede ko po bang ibahin yung shipping address ko sa susunod ko pong order. pero ganun pa din po yung info sa payment. kasi po yung card na ginamit ko hindi po akin. so, dun ko po sa may ari inaddress yung para sa shipping, dun ko na lang po kukunin.. sa susunod po ba pwede ko nang palitan yung shipping address pero yun pa din po yung gamit kong card?

  14. pano ko po malalaman kung idedeliver na nila yung order ko? will they contact me muna before they deliver.. or will they surprise me??!! hahahaha! i used the free shipping by the way. :)

  15. Hi! itatanung ko lang po kapag po ba standard yung napili mong shipping method idedeliver mismo sa bahay niyo? nabasa ko po kase yung ibang post sa net sabi nila yung iba malaki yung binabayad para sa custom tax tuwing kukuhanin sa postal office kayo po ba may binayaran din?

  16. when i ordered, this was waaaay back, they delivered the item to my house. it was only one cd so i think that's why they did that. if your package is heavy or has so many items, it will probably go through customs. but from what i know, yesasia has its own private courier, DHL i think so they'll just charge you customs fees but deliver it to your house.

  17. can we send the money via Western Union?

  18. hey there! i don't think they have a western union payment option, but i haven't visited yesasia for quite awhile. i do suggest that you head over to their site and read their FAQ :)

  19. Good Day!! Ask ko lng din po sana... if DHL po magdedeliver kahit na standard/free shipping ung ginamit nyo po ? :) Thank you!

  20. hi! i'm not sure if its still DHL who's the private courier for yesasia, i suggest going over to the site and sending them your question :)

  21. How long usually bago dumating sayo ung order from yes asia?

  22. Hi, have you tried ordering recently thru yes asia? I heard they deliver it directly to your doorstep now. Is it also for standard shipping?

  23. Hi, just wanna ask kung how much yung charge ng paypal per item na ipupurchase mo sa yesasia? :)

  24. I don't get what you mean...if you're using paypal, usually they charge you in US dollars.

  25. Hi, can I pay using my BDO or BPI atm card?


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