Wednesday, April 4, 2012

China Glaze Hunger Games Colors from the Capitol Stone Cold and Riveting Review

I have to admit that I am totally obsessed with The Hunger Games: the books as well as the film has made me go more gaga for it than Harry Potter! So its really no surprise that I would grab some polishes from the China Glaze Colors from the Capitol Collection.

Plus the person endorsing it is Effie Trinket, one of my most favorite characters! I was also ecstatic about this collection because China Glaze is right up there as my most beloved nail colors--because they churn out such fantastic and fascinating shades.

There are 12 polishes all in all, representing each district's product.

The 2 colors we got was Stone Cold (District 2 for Masonry) and Riveting (District 3 for Technology). I wanted to get Electrify (District 5 for Power) but they were currently out of stock at my favorite online shopping place, Digital Traincase.

I chose Stone Cold because all the online reviews raved on how different the polish was, and I do love it when a polish brings something new to the table!

Stone Cold though is very tricky to apply, since it dries with a matte finish. You have to quickly paint the entire nail before it dries up. But I am IN LOVE with the effect. As I said, its very very matte, with small silver glitters that are subdued when not under a light but come out a bit sparkling when it is.

Below, you can see how imperfect I did my nails, because it is really hard to get the right amount of coats on each nail!

But because I am so in love with the effect, its all okay for me and I will keep on trying until I perfect it! I do advise that you use 2 coats, allowing the 1st coat to dry completely then quickly adding on the second coat. 2 coats is also advisable because the polish tends to chip fast when you're doing ordinary tasks.

The matte effect disappears though if you apply a clear top coat, so if you want a different feel of the polish, just apply some!

My sister chose Riveting, as it had the whole "girl on fire" effect! Its a very very pretty red orange with small gold glitters. It has a glossy finish and is easy to apply!

The consistency of the polish after its applied appears to be jelly-like. Its a gorgeous color for summer and makes your fingers appear fairer.

China Glaze's Hunger Games Colors from the Capitol can be purchased online through Digital Traincase, at P360.00 each here. I think they're having another order delivered soon so do check back from time to time if the rest of the polishes would be available!


  1. gawwd I just watched the hunger games ytd, I have to admit that I'm totally obsessed with the hunger games too! especially the capitol's fashion <3

  2. i loooved their falsies! i seriously want to come as effie trinket come halloween!:D

  3. love this series, too. the black polish is my favorite

  4. its great right? i'm getting more from the us because the colors are just gorgeous!

  5. oh very nice post about the nail polish... good colours.


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