Wednesday, July 11, 2012

GMarket Haul #4: And So The Hiatus Ends...

I couldn't take it anymore. The stress from reviewing was KILLING me. What was in order? A shopping spree at GMarket!!!^^

I controlled myself this time though, I didn't go overboard and just ordered 6 items, and 1 of those was my friend's. As you can see, my box is quite smaller this time around:

Let me give you a brief background on haul number 4. I was only able to order these items successfully after around a week, because my Paypal wasn't working on the GMarket site. It turned out the problem was I was using wrong browsers. I first used Safari, then Google Chrome, then Opera. None of them would let me pay through Paypal, even through a foreign credit card!

Finally, I used Internet Explorer. Lo and behold, it let me through! Thank goodness! I was already panicking because many of the items I initially ordered went out of stock due to the length of time I took in checking the stuff out.

It also took around 2 days for the orders to be shipped out of Korea. It was sent out on May 16, 2012 and arrived here in the Philippines the day after. Super quick!!!^^ That's what I super love about GMarket, your items arrive so quickly.

It took me over a week to get it from Customs because I had to ask someone to get it for me since I was busy with review and stuff. I only paid P500 as compared to the ginormous sums from before.

And then we open the box:

Here are my items: that silver package contains 3 pieces of clothing, namely a dress and 2 tops, plus the foundation and a cellphone case.

That cellphone case is for my LG Optimus Black, because there are ZERO phone cases available for it here in the Philippines. If you have the same phone as me, you can order it through HERE. Costs 5,900won ($3.61).

My friend ordered the GMARKET X BIGBANG Limited Edition Iphone4 case, which was to die for!!! It was pretty much perfect in every way. And so COOL. I mean duh, its BIG BANG!!!

I don't know if this case is still available, but you can try ordering it through HERE. This costs 25,900won ($23.36). Its also available for the Samsung Galaxy S2. Hahaha if you compare the cost of my cellphone case with this one, there's a huuuge difference.

Up next is my CLIO Diamond Rose HD Foundation, which I have been dyiiiing to use but can't because I have tons of foundations to finish first.

I got mine in Shade 23 which is the darkest shade, because as you guys remember, I bought the powder form of this foundation back then. Its a pretty big bottle, plus it comes with a FREE Clio White Cleansing Foam which is 40ml in size. Sulit!!!

You can get the same item HERE, plus other fabulous Clio items from the seller. They ship your orders out pretty quick and respond to your queries immediately. Costs 30,000won ($27.05).

On to the clothes! This here I just went into a buying frenzy because the clothes were so demn cheap! I got all 3 from the same seller, SARAQ. I am actually amazed with myself because I can estimate my sizes in Korea! Well, most of them are free size, except for the blouse and the dress though.

First up is the dress, which took me AGES to decide which one to get. This was the photo on the seller's page:

And here's how it looks like:

I'm very happy because the dress is exactly the same!!! You have to pardon the crappy camera taking a photo of the dress, but it fit me very well and it looks exactly how the model wears it.
You can get the dress from HERE, and its costs 15,900won ($13.92).

And now for the tops!
I got this blouse because I thought it looked really pretty on the model. I was super scared it wouldn't fit me though. But thank goodness it did.

This top is super cute and I love it. Like the dress, it looks exactly how it does on the website! You can get it HERE. It costs 9,900won ($8.71).

For my last top, I got an oversized shirt just in case the 2 prior purchases wouldn't fit me.

As with others, I was very satisfied with the shirt because the quality was good! You can get it HERE, costs 4,900won ($4.31).

Whew! Now let's all add them up and see how much I really spent:
Total Amount: 96,500won ($87.28)
Shipping fee: 15,700won ($13.82)
TOTAL: 112,200won ($98.74) -- converted to peso: P4,133.03
Customs: P500.00


What do you guys think? For all these stuff, was all of it worth it?
Buying from GMarket is always worth it for me though, I never regret shopping because I am never disappointed with any of my purchases.


  1. Omg!!! I just wanna say, Thank You~!!!!!!!!!!!! The tops that you were bought, I was looking for that seller everywhere bc I really liked that jumper they had with the electric shock image, and I was pretty sure they closed down bc I couldn't find the shop anywhere...pages after pages of surfing through the women's apparel page. So Thank You! ^.^!!!!!! <3

  2. Wow good job! Im glad i was able to help :)

  3. I really want to order from Gmarket but i'm just scared that I would pay a lot just for Customs.
    do you have any tips for me?

  4. are you from the philippines?:) i suggest that you keep your items to a minimum, don't go crazy and buy too many things all at the same time. check my other hauls on how this was my error before.
    customs include the fees plus vat, so you are bound to pay a lot, just buy things that aren't too expensive so the amounts won't pile up too much.

  5. do you know any site that has a personal shopping service for gmarket

  6. This is really interesting…

  7. whauuu I love the dark peachy blouse you've got here! it's really cute!

  8. The visit was useful. Content was really very informative.

  9. lovely hauls!! I also loved shopping at gmarket because shipping is really fast!!I've been shopping there several times and never once did they failed my expectation ~ ^_~ It really is addicting noh~ BTW, the clio hd foundation got me intrigue as the packaging is really lovely! Great overall hauls! ^_~

  10. i so love love love gmarket as well. its an online shopping heaven for me! if only customs didn't cost so much!

  11. Hello, Im honestly afraid since Im planning to buy a bag and a planner.. its gonna cost me 41USD I think, and Im preparing it for the incoming school year, And yeah, I read how Customs charges a whole lot here in the philippines, and should I pick it up in customs if ever, or just get it delivered to my home? I could really use the help. Thanks ^^

  12. you would definitely have to get it from customs, as sad as that sounds. :) even if you pick the option of having it sent to your office, if you live in manila, you'll have to get it from there.

  13. do you know of any online sellers who hold regular gmarket sprees? now that multiply is gone, i cannot find any, not even on facebook. i want to buy from gmarket, but i only have 2 small items, but i am gutted by the ems shipping cost.


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