Sunday, January 20, 2013

Etude House Bubble Hair Coloring in Sweet Orange Review

Hello everyone! After...hmmm let me see, almost 5 months of not posting, I come back with a hair color post which I know you all love. I have to say it took me quite some time to do this entry. I think I colored my hair this shade around a month or more ago.

I've already tried another shade of this hair color, which is Wine Red. Sadly I was unable to document it because I did it during bar review (go figure :p).

This here is Etude House Bubble Hair Coloring in Sweet Orange.

On the top of the box, here is how your hair should turn out:

Promising, right? Well my only worry was that my head would literally look like an orange. But the SA assured me that it would just turn my hair into a lighter shade so I bought it!

It contains the usuals of all Etude House Bubble Hair Colors:

You have your color developer, the hair dye, the plastic cape plus gloves, and the hair treatment sachet. If you need instructions on HOW to use this hair color, please refer to my post HERE. :)

The result? Here you go:

Sweet Orange seems to be a lighter lighter version of Natural Brown, and it keeps lightening as the days go by. If you're not a fan of light hair, don't buy this!

I expected this shade to be brighter, but its actually more subdued than it is on the box. Then again, hair color differs in shade depending on the tone of your hair. I like this better than Natural Brown!

Remember, these bubble hair colors get out of stock quickly, so if you see yourself a box, don't hesitate and just buy already.

Etude House Bubble Hair Coloring in Sweet Orange is available in any Etude House branch (SM Megamall, SM The Block, Market Market!) for only P378.00!


  1. Hi, I've seen this review way back June 2013 and started using it, result is good except for the dryness though the color is very I found another brand also made from Korea, used it yesterday and result is much crusty hair after the waiting time, not dry at all!! Store name is Holika Holika, SM Fairview...can you use this so as you can compare also.thanks!!

  2. Hi Loren! Wow I didn't know Holika holika is already here in the Phils! Thanks for the info.:)

  3. Sm Fairview is their only branch as of now but a small stall will open soon daw at sm cubao...


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