Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Battle of the Eye Make-Up Removers

While I was scouring the racks of one of my favorite health and beauty stores (PCX), it suddenly occurred to me that due to my fascination with eye make-up, I have been constantly using up so many bottles of eye make-up removers! It's insane how much I've used in 2 years (gone through 3 bottles go figure). But fact is fact: we have to take care of our skin especially around the eye area so as not to get pre-mature wrinkles. If we wear make-up everyday, we have to take it off the moment we can, with the help of a few tools.
I now present the BATTLE OF THE EYE MAKE-UP REMOVERS! Sorry I couldn't think of a better title for this. Yes, I am aware of how lame that sounds.
I'll be starting from the cheapest thing you can use to the department store ones and let you think for yourself whether having an expensive eye make-up remover makes a difference or not. Also, I use waterproof gel eye-liner which is why I need something that can remove waterproof make-up immediately.
1)  Johnson's Baby Oil
Price: PHP29.50

Description: Cheapest item of the bunch. Yes you can use baby oil to remove your eye make-up. Can be used for other things as well (in other words, multi-functional!)

Like it/Love it? LIKE IT. For the price, the baby oil does the trick. Removes the waterproof mascara plus the eyeliner. I only had to go through it twice with a cotton pad to take everything off. Eye area feels soft after it dries up.
Cons: Feels really oily (duh it's BABY OIL what did I expect) afterwards, but it doesn't sting the eye at all.
2) L'oreal Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover
Price: PHP395.50

Description: Big jump in terms of price from the baby oil, but its a drugstore brand so it must be more affordable. Most recent buy for me, removed everything in one single swipe! I was surprised at how everything came off immediately. It's a pretty big bottle.

Like it/Love it? LOVE IT. Though as compared to the baby oil, this one left my eye area feeling a bit on the dry side, but that can be remedied if you use Pond's cold cream after (which I do).
Cons: Just the dry area comment, but other than that, none!
3) Almay Eye Make-up Remover Pads
Price: around PHP450?

Description: Honestly I have yet to see this anywhere in Manila, but I was able to try it while I was in New Jersey and I loved it!

Like it/Love it? LOVE IT. It's very very handy, no need to use other cotton pads because it has it's own! The pad feels soft, but you might have to swipe a few times around your eye area to remove everything. Oil-free!
Cons: The pads are very thin, which is why you can't exactly use the front and back side of it. You'll use it up within a 2 weeks to a month.
4) Bloom Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover
Price: around PHP1,000

Description: Available in Beauty Bar, I only purchased this because it was 50% OFF so it was only for around PHP450 when I did. The bottle's quite big and looks really girly.

Like it/Love it? Like it. On my first use, it kinda stung my eye. But afterwards it got better. A little goes a long way for this, just put a small amount in your cotton ball and gently press on your eye area.
Cons: Has a tendency to dry up, I don't know why. It's as if it evaporates!
5) Estee Lauder Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover
Price: around PHP2,500

Description: Small bottle, looks really classy. Looks something your mom would use! 

Like it/Love it? Like it. It removes everything! But I personally would not buy it for the price because it's so small even if it's cheap. But I do encourage everyone to try it because of course, it's still Estee Lauder.
Cons: The product description in their website states that it "[s]weeps away without leaving any oily residue—so you can reapply eye makeup immediately after use." Untrue though, because I have to wait a few minutes to let the residue get absorbed until I can put eye make-up on again.

These 5 eye makeup removers are only a few of those out in the market, of course I haven't tried everything there is to try! All are very very helpful if you want to remove your eye makeup easily without the hassle. But, I think we can all conclude that price does not affect the performance of the product, right?

Sorry for the long entry, this will probably be my last entry before my midterms start on Saturday, so I will be out of the loop for around 2 weeks.:D


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