Monday, August 3, 2009

Lining Up for Cory

My dad brought me, my sister and my mom along to enter LSGH and view Cory Aquino's remains. At first I was pretty amenable to the idea because I wanted to pay my respects. But when we got there, this was the scene that greeted us:

Seriously this does not look bad at all. But the line wound all the way up to the end of Ortigas Ave. (before crossing EDSA)...people who already had their turn were saying that they lined up for 2 hours just to get inside.

I was impressed though because its amazing how entrepreneurial Pinoys become at the sight of a line (of people, of cars, anything!). These guys were selling Cory/Ninoy shirts. Several others were selling yellow ribbons that you could pin on yourself. Others were selling yellow umbrellas. Amazing.

The woman in front of me apparently bought one of those shirts.

Unfortunately, we weren't able to go inside because we lined up at around 6 pm and we heard that the gates close at 8pm. We only got as far as the fly-over when it started to rain---hard. My dad eventually became tired of our groans of getting splashed about as well as our impending classes the next day that he decided to let us board a bus and quit while we were still outside.

I feel so guilty though, I would've lined up even if it rained if I didn't have classes, but Cory Aquino remains in my prayers.

Sorry for the bad quality of pictures, these were only taken by my cellphone (curse you, Motorola Razr V8!).


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