Friday, July 31, 2009

Presidentiable #2: MANNY VILLAR...Akala Mo!

Manny Villar, after his leave from the Senate President position, has been hounded of the C5 incident. But as all Filipinos do, we easily forget what happens and focus on the present instead!

Villar got something right though, a great PR manager.

He uses the "I-understand-you but we're the same" approach instead of Roxas' messiah stance. Very effective though because Villar has been gaining more nods in the polls. I personally like the ad, this is a youth friendlier take on his character, as opposed to what he released before when he recounted his experience of living in Tondo. In a span of 30 seconds, I want to vote for this guy just because of how he represents all sectors in his ads. Compare this with Roxas and how he only focuses on the urban poor sector.

Orange is Villar's color, it actually makes him stand out from other presidentiables who use the flag's usual colors of red, blue and white. 

Note this though, I'm not entirely going to the Villar camp until I know the real details of the C5 issue. But based on his ads, these are quite packing a punch and leaves a good impression to the audience.


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