Monday, January 25, 2010

The Brand Spanking New Kimerald Movie: Paano Na Kaya?

I had to take a time-out from my studying just to post this:

My friend from college (and I've known her since high school), Andrea Mangampat has currently added being a 'scriptwriter' to her resume and has churned out the latest Kim-erald movie from Star Cinema!

Don't saaaay it! I know you're going to say something about Gerald's weird shade of brown hair and the matching pink and yellow plaid polo.

Anyway the story is sure to be familiar with movie-goers: the best friend is in love with the best friend, then after the best friend is dumped by his girlfriend, they try to be together but here comes the real challenge...will they be better off as friends or be at their best as lovers?

Without further ado, here's the trailer:

Although Melissa Ricks still looks her pointy-chinned anorexic self, I will definitely see this movie not only for supporting Andrea, but also because it looks like a great thing to watch after brain-draining exams. 

The movie's opening on January 27, are you watching?:D


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