Monday, January 4, 2010

I Love You, Goodbye: Love = Macking Out

I Love You, Goodbye is a movie about Gabby Concepcion and his 3 children played by Angelica Panganiban, Derek Ramsey, and Kim Chiu. Their mother died at a young age and he had to fend by himself for their future.

NOT. Despite the stark age differences (which is the point of the story), the film is a love rectangle between the stars mentioned above. Gabby plays Kim's dad who is Angelica's live-in partner, while Derek plays Angelica's ex-boyfriend and Kim's boy.


As confusing as that might sound, the movie actually has a good story. Its about a much younger more naive girl loving an older man trying to fit in his family (Mamita is love in this movie!).

But then the movie was ruined by 2 things:

1) 1 character had to be hit by a car instead of giving the lead character the chance to decide her fate

2) TOO MUCH MAKING OUT! Does Director Laurice Guillen (who won Best Director in the MMFF Awards) think that just because it's Angelica Panganiban, janggas and galore, the audience would appreciate a 10-min make-out session per guy? Well she's wrong. It would have been preferable to have more of the story unfold then watch either Gabby or Derek attack Angelica's neck--which looked too directed (tilt your head to the right right, now to the left, move your hands up and down his cuuuuurllll your fingers...fweh!).

Angelica plays Liselle well, she deserves that Best Actress award more than Sharon, but as I've said to anyone who would listen (i.e. no one), they would never give it to someone younger if the Megastar is up for the running.

One laugh element is that Matet de Leon is in this movie. Once again, she plays the sidekick noisy best friend. I've never given any complaints for her acting, but its just funny to note that she's been the t0ken best friend even in Juday's movies. Someone give this girl a breaking out movie just like Eugene Domingo!

So for me, I Love You, Goodbye is a nice movie. It can be improved yes, but at least it didn't make me cringe like Mano Po 6 did.


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