Friday, January 29, 2010

Color Day is Tomorrow!

Hey guys! So my exams just finished last Wednesday, thank God! I got my first exam back because my teacher is mad, he checks exams so quickly even though we're more than 100 people in my class, that's how amazing he is. Its good news though, I got an okay grade, better than what I expected so to treat myself, I'll be getting my hair colored professionally tomorrow for the FIRST TIME!
Yes, a lot of people are surprised that I color my hair at home. I taught myself because getting your hair colored in a salon costs so much money and since my hair was too black then (this just means that my hair was so black that even if light shines on it its still black!), I didn't want to compromise spending so much only to have disappointing results. I've always used Revlon Colorsilk in Strawberry Blonde so that my hair would eventually lighten, which it did. Believe me, I tried so many shades before I could get it to lighten! I started from the medium shades, worked myself to the lighter ones then finally went blonde. But my hair didn't become blonde though haha. I have all the tools that most "pambarangay parlors" have, like big-ass clips and a brush which I bought for a very cheap price in Landmark. (I also do my sister's hair and get lots of compliments from it :D)
But luckily, my boyfriend heeded one of my wishes, which is to get my hair colored in a salon, so he gave me a GC for Park Jun's for Christmas. Here's the color I want:

Taeyeon from SNSD, a Korean pop girl group I love :D
Hopefully they'll be able to copy the exact shade when I get it done. Wish me luck, guys! I can finally do a review on the difference of salon and home hair color!
Btw, I know I only have 2 followers, but I saw in my hit-counter that I'm over 2,000 views, so thank you so much to those who have been reading my posts, don't hesitate to put in a comment, I would love to hear from you!


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