Sunday, April 25, 2010

Blue Water Day Spa: Definitely Going Back!

Last Friday I was racking my brain for a nice affordable spa to go to that's near my house. I was so stressed out from work and I just had to get a massage, considering I haven't gotten one ever since summer started! (I know, tragic isn't it?)

I suddenly remembered Blue Water Day Spa, which had recently opened in Green Street, Capitol Hills. That's located right after Celebrity Sports. I checked out their website, found their prices reasonable, and booked my first appointment.

I tried their Cellulite Melter Massage, which is only Php700 for 90 minutes! Although the website described the massage to have a tendency to create a "burning sensation", I felt none of that. It was a very satisfying and relaxing experience.

Blue Water Day Spa is fairly new, their amenities include a shower room, a sauna, plus you can request for a private room for an additional Php150. 

Inside the private room, the right massage bed was previously occupied by me hence its disheveled form.

Complimentary ginger tea! Very soothing especially because I had cough and colds that day. You get a whole pot! Mmmm...

Their other services also include body massages, scrubs, facial treatments, body machine treatments, hand and foot treatments, as well as hair removal. Their massage therapists were all young, which I preferred because sometimes the older ones tend to work your body as if you were a truck driver. I personally thought that their massages were priced well. I will definitely return if I need another R&R.

You're probably wondering if the "cellulite melter" actually worked...well I really don't know if it did. The massage primarily consisted of massages in your cellulite areas, such as your thighs, buttocks, and stomach. Nevertheless it was very soothing.

I actually weighed myself afterwards and I weighed 3lbs less! (Note though, I've been on a no-carb diet so that might also have been the reason.)

You can contact Blue Water Day Spa at any of their locations either in Greenhills, Capitol Hills, Makati, Alabang, Ortigas, or in Tagaytay. Their contact numbers are posted here at their website.


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