Friday, April 16, 2010

Not a Gem Find: BEABI

When I first saw BEABI in their mini-kiosk in the Powerplant Mall, I thought that it was the cutest idea ever! I thought that the small plastic bottles they sold would be perfect for traveling so that one doesn't need to lug around big bottles of shampoo, conditioner or lotion and not worry of any spillage.

I also thought that the bottles were a tad bit expensive. A 50-ml sized bottle costs PHP35 while a bottle double that size was PHP70.

I rarely travel so when I was going to Korea around 2 weeks ago, I thought that getting myself these BEABI bottles would be a great way to make my trip more convenient. Boy was I wrong!

I bought 4 50-ml bottles, totaling to PHP140. When I got to Korea, these bottles were such a hassle to use! I seriously wished I didn't bring them and just went with my huge bottles. The bottles were extremely difficult to open, and you couldn't squeeze them to make the liquid come out! The dispensers were of no use--I had to uncap each one just to get any of my shampoo, conditioner or lotion out. You have to tap it out (like ketchup) and you end up wasting more product than saving. Super hassle!

Never will I fall for buying these BEABI bottles. I seriously hate them. Sayang yung PHP140, I could've used it for something else, like food!


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