Monday, May 10, 2010

Its Time to Exercise Your Right to Vote!

Good morning! Have you exercised your right to vote?

Brave the long lines and the scorching heat just for today because you and I know that our country is in great need of our vote. Even though as a country we've experienced so many hardships in the political sphere, let's keep in mind that change is never too late! 

If you're for the orange,  yellow, blue, green or any other color, pray for peaceful elections, be vigilant and keep the faith that as a nation, we are united in spirit in hoping for this dynamic change.

Just some reminders for our Filipino voters, remember to check the party-list you are voting for is not a fake party under GMA's flag. And if you are choosing a party-list, remember to vote for a sector that really needs representation, not those who are already rightly represented.

Last but not least, be patient and guard your vote. Wear neutral colors to your precinct such as white, black or gray (I highly encourage white because it is hot!) and also bring an ID just in case you are asked to present one. Follow the automation instructions and report any suspicious activity.


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