Friday, June 12, 2009

Keeping Hair Healthy Part 1

A lot of Filipinas have a constant problem of frizz in their hair, due to the outpouring of humidity we experience everyday.There are also so many women who have yet to reach the prime of their lives, but have thinning hair at the top of their heads. The solution? Its just using your shampoo and conditioner the right way and finding the right products for what your hair needs.
I love coloring my hair using a home coloring kit (this is usually Revlon Colorsilk because its the cheapest foreign brand available here but more on that for future posts), therefore the color doesn't last as long as salon color does. Give it around 4 weeks and the strands start becoming dull. To brighten and get as much as I can from my color, I use a shampoo and conditioner especially made for colored hair, specifically Redken Color Extend. I got these 2 babies in a trip to the US and they have certainly extended my color as the bottle promised.
What's the lesson here? Get the proper hair product according to your type! Yes, sometimes it may take a bit out of your pocket but the thing is, healthy hair is a great investment as opposed to taking constant trips to the salon having your hair rebonded or chemically
manipulated which may damage it more. Remember, invest in a good, go-to product that you trust in times of rescession!
Frizzy? Go for a hydrating solution. Try Sebastian Drench (love the name!) which not only tames your frizzes, but is also color-safe. If you want something more practical, go for Herbal Essences' Hydralicious. It has a specific shampoo that hydrates specific areas of your hair OR for those with thin hair, comes as non-heavy, OR, reconditions. Talk about real customization! It also smells heavenly and is so cute to look at as opposed to the beauty salon products. These Herbal Essences products also have little trivias at the back which makes it a little more entertaining than your ordinary shampoo and conditioner.
I'll be writing soon about other recommended hair products for those with thin hair, and for those who have curly thick hair. Stay posted!


  1. This is a great product that really does works. It's not a miracle cure, but it does what it says it does, which is stops hair loss and thickens your existing hair. Overall, very satisfied with the site as well as with the product. Honestly, my hair does look better because of this product.

  2. Hi! I've been really curious about Redken proudcts. I've read a lot of good reviews about them so I was wondering if you know where can I get them here in the Philippines? Thanks :)

  3. prettyironic, im so sorry but i unfortunately don't know a local reseller for redken. when i do find one, i'll let you know! but i guess you can try checking out salons to see if they carry it?

    for the meantime, ( sells it and they ship internationally.:) i heard its a pretty reliable site.


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