Monday, September 27, 2010

How to Buy and Use Bronzer

I'm more of a bronzer person than a blush person--which is very uncommon. For me, bronzers serve a dual purpose: not only do they help contour and even out a very pale face.

I highly recommend using one especially for us Filipinas. Bronzer, when strategically placed, can bring out cheekbones and a narrower jawline.

Here are my two bronzers which I use on an everyday basis (notice that I have my low-end AND my high-end bronzer?):

Left: PRESTIGE Sunflower Illuminating Bronzing Powder; Right: Estee Lauder's Bronze Goddes, Soft Matte Bronzer

Some things you should remember about buying bronzers:
1) Color- no 2 bronzers are created alike! Just like blushes, they also have shades. Always pick a shade that is closer to your skintone. It is better to choose a golden brown shade when in doubt! Test a bronzer shade on your cheekbones--not your hand! Your hand does not know the shade of your face.

2) Finish- bronzers are available in either a matte or a shimmer finish. The Prestige bronzer has large gold flecks on it but are barely noticeable once applied. It has the right amount of shimmer that's enough to catch the light but not too shiny to make you look like a brown disco ball.
The Estee Lauder, on the other hand, is a matte bronzer with pink shimmers. These shimmers totally disappear when applied. This shade is actually closer to my skin tone but I prefer my bronzer to be a bit shimmery. A matte bronzer is more advisable if you already have fine lines or wrinkles.

3) Kind- bronzers, like blushes, also come in many forms. You can either use a powder or liquid bronzer. I prefer using powder because my skin is pretty oily and its easier to control the shade. On the other hand, liquid bronzer is more long-lasting and is preferable for those with dry skin.

4) Tools- though its perfectly okay to apply bronzer with your fingertips, it would look more natural if you use a big fluffy brush. Your big fluffy brush does NOT have to expensive, my own brush was bought from Ever Bilena for less than P200. Although it kinda looks crazy now, it still does its job!^^

And finally, how do you apply it? Here's a photo I found online that perfectly illustrates where you should apply a few bronzey swipes:
Apply it first to your cheekbones, swipe it over your temples then your jawline. The color build-up is definitely up to how much you want to define those areas.


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