Saturday, October 2, 2010

Korea Post #3: (Must-See Places!) Nami Island

My last post about my trip to Korea has to be waaaay back in June, and now as a break from my studying, I'll be sharing about our trip to Nami Island, which is located outside of Seoul. We had to take a train (different from the subway system, sorry but I forgot the place where we took this, but its the nearest train station from Myeongdong) and their station is just one big WOW:
See what I mean? Looks like an airport right?
My sister and I wearing wool hats and excited for the trip!

Train ride was around 2 take this ferry to get to the island. It just goes back and forth from the island. The weather was beautiful--clear skies AND water!
Me (in fat form haha) lounging on the ferry.. 

Plus what did we see on the ferry?
Philippine flag together with other flags! Represseeeent!!!^^
When we got there, we got tickets that costs around 8,000won each (peak season because we got there it was almost spring but it was cooold!).

Just a few thoughts, if you're not much of a walker, you can take a tour around Nami Island riding an electric car. They're usually driven by young-ish Korean guys and they'll take you around and show you different sights. You can also ride a two-person pedicab with your special someone! Hihi! On the other hand, its also fun to go around and walk.
 Small flowers that dot the island all over--sign of spring coming!

Me inside a Korean version of an igloo. I had to crouch down really low.

If you're a fan of Winter Sonata, this is where they shot the drama! There are different spots all over commemorating the scenes they shot. There's a Winter Sonata cafe, a Kissing Spot, galleries and a statue of Bae Yong Joon-Choi Ji Woo. But my favorite spot has to be this:
Of course you have to do the contemporary Korean heart-pose in a place like this!

The trees were in perfect pretty! What more if they already sprouted leaves?^^
When we felt a bit tired from all the walking, we rode the electric car and guess what we saw??
Mr. Ostrich was running alongside us! (I was kinda scared though because it might peck us haha)

Our dude driver told us a lot of people choose to get married in Nami Island, no wonder because its really beautiful! We saw a couple of grooms and brides getting their pictures taken:
After around half a day of walking around and taking in the sights, we were all hungry and had lunch at this place that's right at the entrance:
See the smoke coming outside? Its a chicken barbeque restaurant!!! The restaurants in Korea are different from the Philippines, they usually serve only 1-2 dishes, which is their specialty. It also played a lot of updated k-pop songs, as my sister and I said, its a very "hip" place haha.
 Kimchi plus beansprouts
 Chili beanpaste, garlic and onions -- you're suppose to grill them with the chicken and put them inside the lettuce leaves
 Seaweed soup! Mmmm! Very soothing after a day of walking around in the cold.
 And finally, the delicious chicken barbeque being grilled right in front of me. THIS WAS SO GOOD!

That's it for now! I just wrote this on my break from studying for my Finals...haha I know I know!^^ Bye!


  1. wow, i envy you,,,,
    do we need a visa(filipino) in order to visit korea?
    what if i will just stay there for 1 week
    do i still need visa?

  2. yup you do need a korean tourist visa! its not hard to get one, especially now because korea has a tourism promo going on. plus cebu pac always has promos to incheon so GO TO KOREA!^^

  3. ummh, yes i will,
    btw how much did u pay for visa?
    im just wondering so i can prepare,.
    and how long does it take when it comes to visa processing?
    what is the minimum, bank certificate i heard they it will depend with the bank(money u have), many are failing when it comes to that :(

  4. here's a really good blog entry on that:

    i'm not so sure how much money you're suppose to have, but i guess the more the better? but the bank certificate isn't the only measure they'll use whether to grant you one or not. usually if you're a student and its obvious you're just going on holiday or if you show that you have a job here and have no intentions of going TNT there, you're good to go!
    having a US visa is also a plus :)

  5. thanks,.
    how long is the visa processing?

  6. pretty quick, i remember we already booked our flights and got the hotel before our visa got approved haha, we were confident it would :)


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