Sunday, January 8, 2012

GMarket Dreams: Product I've Been Stalking

I wanted to take this time to post about a product I've been coveting during my GMarket hiatus. This hiatus has lasted for more than a year and I definitely think its high time I order something new for my favorite online shop and fulfill my online shopping dreams. Unfortunately whenever I try to go to their homepage, for some reason I chicken out and choose not to do it! I'm still finding the courage to buy another item again but I'm afraid I'll go crazy and bankrupt myself! (well not really to that extreme but you know how it is.)

Anyway HERE is the product I've been lusting over: the CLIO Gelpresso Waterproof Gel/Pencil Liner.

As you all know, I've ranked CLIO's Kill Black liner as my HG of all pen liners. It has been my best friend each day I needed to vamp up my lids. But the problem was, I've already gone through 3 Kill Blacks--I go through it like gravy!!!

When I saw these, I thought maybe this can be a solution to how I quickly finish my eyeliner.

Plus the colors are totally gorgeous! I don't want just one color, I want all eight!

Isn't your mouth watering right now? If you love eyeliners as much as I do, I bet you are liking what you're seeing now!

Plus CLIO promises that the panda-eyes problem is not present with their product! I also love how they show you a tutorial of what you can do with their different colors.

The eyeliners aren't cheap, each costs $8.87 (9,900w) . I only wish the people from CLIO can hear my prayer of getting my hands on them. Anyway if you have purchased this product and have tried it out for yourself, please do let me know your experience!

But soon I will be buying these as a set. Probably at the end of March--can't wait!!!:D

The CLIO Gelpresso Waterproof Gel/Pencil Liner can be purchased online at GMarket through this seller.


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