Saturday, January 14, 2012

Tonly Moly Tea Tree Seed Foam Cleanser -- HG of all Facial Cleansers!

I am officially dubbing thee Tonly Moly Tea Tree Seed Foam Cleanser as my HG of all foaming facial cleansers. Its perfect for someone with oily skin like me, and prevents those much-hated sudden break-outs.

Tony Moly's foam cleansers comes in 3 variants: Olive Seed (dry skin), Tea Tree (oily skin), and Lemon Seed (all skin types). If you want your cleanser to have a brightening effect, go for the Lemon Seed.
What Tony Moly says:

The brilliant cleansing care system brings strong vital power of fresh 3 seeds with dewy water.

Before using, remember to remove the foil sticker covering the opening. Definitely a plus because they think of hygiene!

The cleanser foams up pretty well, a small amount goes a long long way.

What I really really love about this cleanser is that it lives up to its promise--my face cleared up after just a few days' use. Even if the cleanser is specially made for oily skin, it didn't dry up my face but preserved enough moisture so my face wouldn't feel as if its become a scouring pad.

Tony Moly also doesn't lie when it says its reasonably priced! For only P178.00, the cleanser is big. I bought this about 2 months ago and I don't think I'm even halfway finished.

The Tonly Moly Tea Tree Seed Foam Cleanser is available at any Tony Moly branch or SM Department Store for only P178.00!


  1. oooo! I think this is a lovely product, I need to check my local Tonymoly see if they stock this, thanks for the review!

  2. thanks dear! i do love using it and will keep restocking if ever i run out.

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  4. I bought the "tea tree" but i dont know if this clarifies the skin... my question is.. it clarifies the skin?

  5. Yes the tea tree helps clear your skin.


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