Monday, January 2, 2012

Tony Moly Clear Magic Lip & Eye Remover

Happy new year dear readers! I'm sorry I've been MIA for awhile, but I've been collecting so many product reviews during the holiday season.

The series of posts to follow will mostly consist of Tony Moly products, which I cannot get enough of! I swear if you let me loose in that store I am like a cheetah just zipping along getting item after item.

Below is the Tony Moly Clear Magic Lip & Eye Remover, which my mom got for me because I am always in need of this. Remember kids, always remove your make-up before going to bed! Going to bed with make-up on is a definite no-no!

What Tony Moly says:
Dual layered professional remover that effectively clears off all color point make-up without irritation to the skin
Underneath the cap is a removable plastic stopper so the solution does not spill:

When using this, you should shake the bottle first so that the dual layer comes together and effectively remove make-up.

Here's a test of its powers: (I randomly drew gel liner on my hand and wiped the center part with the remover)
This was just ONE swipe. Very effective for thin lines!

And now for the actual eye:
Here is my everyday eyeliner look--thick and volumed! (lol bad term right there)

And with just one swipe of the remover, here's your result:

The whole eye make-up gets removed!
My experience with mascara though is you have to swipe around 3-4 times to get those thick ones to go.

The Tony Moly Clear Magic Lip & Eye Remover costs P398.00 in Tony Moly SM North Edsa.


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