Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Angel Locsin @ the Emmys

Angel Locsin was nominated for the category of Best Performance by a Female Lead for Lobo in the recent Emmys. She naturally graced the American press with her presence at the red carpet.

What was she wearing to this absolutely epic event? None other than this:

Okay I don't know why she's wearing a medal around her neck. Can someone enlighten me on this? The skirt looks like it's made from straw (you know like the lubid-straw that's used to tie balikbayan boxes) and it looks like she's sprouting tentacles!

Plus, her boob fat's showing: 

Boob fat is actually that thing on the side of her boobs. That's what it is. I don't think this is the right neckline for her. She should've gone for the halter or the scoop-neck line. The dress makes her look fat! Am I the only one who sees this?

Her make-up was flawless though, snaps has to go to her make-up artist.

I guess she just made a statement, and that is: Filipinos aren't really known for their killer fashion sense.


  1. i agree with u. angel looks fat in that gown. that type of neckline don't flatter women with big boobs. and the skirt, it might be inspired by the lobo itself. :)

  2. doesn't her stylist see she has big arms and big boobs?! you're right the skirt is furry.

  3. The two prior comments are just nothing but negatives...are you not proud of her? Mga inggitera lang kayo...

  4. to anonymous: i for one am proud of her, but i am definitely not proud of her stylist who doesn't seem to know her body proportions and what would fit her right.:)

  5. Braso pa lang alam nyo nang tumaba tlga sya eh. Yan ang pose ng mga plumpy pra mgmukhang payat! By the way, that dress was made by MICHAEL CINCO.


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