Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Elianto Miracle Multiplex BB Cream Review

BB Cream stands for 'Blemish-Balm Cream', and it has been attributed to be the secret to the Koreans' pearly white clear skin. So many people have been asking me about this (I guess they assume since I like K-pop I naturally know about their skin secrets?), but I have yet to try them, until today!
I first encountered a BB Cream when my friend Lamb told me about that The Face Shop finally had one, but she hated hers because it made her look like a ghost. I tried swatching it out for myself but I also did not like the shade.
But now I went to Elianto and found out that theirs is actually available in 3 shades (Soft beige, nude beige, and warm beige)! Pretty handy because not all Filipinas come in stark-white form. So I tried it out for myself, and decided to buy myself one, just to test out if the BB cream craze is really true.

It's available in 2 kinds, the Miracle White Multiplex BB Cream and the Miracle Multiplex BB Cream (it's just that the former has the word WHITE in it, while the latter doesn't, let's just call them gold and green). The basic difference between the 2 is that the gold is for women 25 and up, because of its anti-wrinkle and firming properties while the green one is for 18-25 (not suitable for minors!), and has oil control and brightening features. The SPF of the gold is also higher at 45 and the green is only at 25.

I tried the green out (since I am 22), and here's how it looks on my face:
I honestly feel that my webcam does not give the product justice because when I look in the mirror, most of my blemishes are gone. The coverage is pretty light though, and gives off a nice sheen. The oil control isn't that much, I think I still need to apply blotting powder.
What to expect:
Do not expect that this will be give you a matte, full-on coverage. I wear foundation everyday because my skin sucks without it, and I think this is a nice solution for anyone looking for something they can use daily. Don't forget to test it out on yourself before buying. I thought it was pretty expensive (PHP699), especially because I recently bought a  more expensive foundation. It's scented, which might turn some people off, but I like how it smells. Therefore, smell first before buying!

Other words of advice (how to use it wisely)!:
Squeeze the tube upwards instead of downwards for less product wastage. The tube is very squeezable so if you do it downwards a lot of excess product comes out. Use your fingers for placing the product on your face instead of a brush. Dab some on your hand first before placing on your face. Smooth out everything with your foundation brush/sponge. (the pictures are BACKWARDS! Will fix this later ugh)
Whoops, sorry for the extremely long entry, I wanted to give a full review for BB Creams because this is my 1st time using one.:)


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