Monday, February 1, 2010

Presenting...My Brand New Hair Color!

You probably remember my previous entry which showed this girl:
Because I wanted to copy her hair color for the very first time I got it done professionally.
I was the first customer for my favorite stylist, Ms. Jinny Kim. I showed her the picture above since it was my desired color. She recommended getting highlights as well to achieve the look. I closed my eyes and took the plunge because I figured, this is the first time I'm doing this and well, the hair color is free anyway.
They made me wear the cutest robe ever, it looks like a hanbok (what Korean women used to wear way back then, think Jewel in the Palace days) to protect the clothes I was wearing. Ms. Jinny started with the highlights first, because she said that it would blend better with the over-all color. Which actually makes sense so that there will be no streaky effect. They placed gold foil all over my head and used this funky looking heater that plays a Christmas song when the time's up. This took about an hour and 30 mins.
After a quick rinse, Ms. Jinny applied the hair color which took around another 3o mins. I was praying with all my might that the color would turn out well. How did it turn out?
Here I am! I had full bangs done (which Ms. Jinny gave me free of charge because I had so many services) just like the picture above except that I pushed them back here because it was pretty hot.
I think that they did an excellent job, the color is exactly the same as I wanted, I don't think it's fully captured in this photo. But I am extremely satisfied with how it turned out, especially the highlights! Definitely worth the small fortune I spent.
Total was PHP3,200 (hair color) + PHP 3,700 (highlights) = PHP6,900.
Yup a pretty hefty sum to pay for just hair color. But I think most salons have the same rate anyway. I don't think I'll be getting my hair colored professionally that much, I'm just glad this turned out right and I've been getting tons of compliments!
What about you? Ever thought of getting your hair done professionally? If you do, where do you usually get your color?


  1. where is that salon?
    im having hair color problem
    i dye my hair into black
    now its difficult for me
    to dye into brown
    or something like that
    i need to bleach it first
    to remove the black dye,..

  2. it's park jun's beauty lab in glorietta.


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