Friday, March 12, 2010

Cop-out: Rocking Out with Their Glocks Out

With the recent hype surrounding Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, coupled with the disappointed sighs of some (I said SOME, NOT ALL!) who've watched it, I want to give you, the viewer, an option if ever you go to the cinemas and see that nothing else is showing except Alice OR if every seat is filled and you're pressured to do something with your date.

COP-OUT: Rock out with your glock out. How can anyone go wrong with that tagline?

I suggest you watch COP-OUT instead, which stars Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan (famous for his role in 30 Rock).  This movie is hilarious. Plot is mababaw and sabaw, perfect for one of those Friday nights when you just want to get away from all the pressures of exams, work, anything!

I seriously have no idea why it got such low rates in reviews, but whatever, I suggest you do watch it. This was recommended to me by my blockmates and I am so glad I watched it. You have to watch out for Sean William Scott, he is beyond funny.

Disclaimer though, the movie's R-18, and I think you have to like black jokes if you're going to enjoy it.

Also, I liked this movie more than Alice. So there. I mean Alice was nice and everything, but its just not my thing. I just feel like they focused to much on the effects than creating a stronger story. But that's just me.

Here's the trailer:


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