Sunday, March 7, 2010

SkinWhite Whitening Hand and Body Lotion

I love checking out products made by Filipinos, and I particularly love to scour around HBC (Health & Beauty Exclusives) looking for cheap thrills for just about anything. When I wanted my hair to be a shade lighter, I turned to Kolours (made by the wonderful Splash Corp) because my friend told me that their colors are vibrant and definitely less pricier than the usual home colors. Results were good so I never turn down an opportunity to try out any of their products.

Today I turned to SkinWhite, because I saw a couple of ladies in a supermarket getting this product as their lotion of choice so I said, why not try it out?
Their Whitening Hand and Body Lotion is available in 4 variants: Cooling, Classic SPF 10, Classic SPF 20, and Ultra-Hydrating.  I got the Cooling one since its summer. That's the 1st bottle in the picture.
Bottle says: 
Rich creamy formulation 
Promotes fairer, whiter, more vibrant, healthy glowing skin in as early as 2 weeks.
SPF protects skin from sun-damage caused by prolonged sun exposure.
Dermatologist Tested Safe and Effective

When I initially applied it on my skin, it has a compact texture and you need to squeeze a medium amount to cover an entire arm. It contained some microbeads which I guess is the "cooling" part, and I did feel more refreshed than usual after taking a shower. I like the smell, I keep smelling myself until now haha. Though it says NON-GREASY FORMULA on the bottle, it felt a bit gummy on my hands. But it disappeared after a few minutes when the lotion was absorbed.
As for the whitening, I'm not sure how great I am to review whitening products, since I'm fair-skinned, and I bought this to maintain my color because I already use a whitening product for my face so I wanted to also use one for my body. But we'll see if I get any whiter in a few days! (Note: the girls I saw purchasing this were morenas, so maybe it does work for them)
SkinWhite Hand and Body Whitening Lotion (100ml) costs PHP72.75 in HBC stores and other supermarkets. Available in 50ml, 100ml, 200ml and 350ml bottles.

Yes I will possibly re-purchase! I really like how the lotion smells--can you say I'm already obsessed with it?


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