Tuesday, March 23, 2010

March Make-Up Haul! (Got all these for free!)

Hello everyone! I know I said I was going to be on hiatus, but I couldn't resist making this post because my mom gave me a lot of make-up that was given to her that she thought she wouldn't use. Since I also got myself a new camera, I thought I'd share with you the excellent loot!

fr L-R: Elizabeth Arden's Exceptional Lipstick in Pink Vibration, Victoria's Secret Make Me Gorgeous All-over Face Kit (Plums), Elizabeth Arden's Exceptional Lipstick in Red Diamond, Elizabeth Arden's Shimmer Powder in Nude
I got all these a week ago, so I haven't used them yet. Here's how the Victoria's Secret palette looks like when closed:
Not really a fan of those jewels on the side, makes the compact look cheap. I tried swatching the eyeshadows (those on the bottom drawer) as well as the lip glosses (those on top) but they're all too sheer to be caught by the camera.
As for the lipsticks, I thankfully could swatch them on my hand:
They're both highly pigmented but very shimmery.Pink Vibration's a really fun color and when you apply it, your lips literally turn PINK. It glides on well. I'd say its a young color and perfect when you want to amp up what you're wearing with something vibrant. But you can also top this off with a frosty gloss so that it's not too loud.Red Diamond has bits of gold flecks in it. Don't be deceived by the color! A bit on the lighter side of red. This goes on PINKISH. Not exactly my favorite though, I like the pink more. Here's how they look like when worn:
Pink Vibration (left), Red Diamond (right)
My favorite among the bunch is the Elizabeth Arden Shimmer Powder in Nude. I love how subtle the shimmer is. Very classy packaging:
You can use a fluffy brush to apply this to the bridge of your nose and your cheekbones to make your face look more luminous. I know it looks like a compact of too much glitter, but the shimmers do not show that much. Really pretty!
Elizabeth Arden Exceptional Lipstick costs $19.50 each through Macy's Online. Still researching on how the others cost!
On the 1st weekend of April I'll be going to KOREA!:D I'm super duper excited and I'll keep you guys posted on EVERYTHING I do, especially now since I have a brand spanking new camera!:D:D:D


  1. what are the names of the lip colors in the pallet


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