Monday, March 15, 2010

Manny Pacquiao on GQ: The Good and Everything Bad About the Filipino

This Manny Pacquiao article which came out on GQ says a lot of things about placing Manny as a forefront of everything about the Philippines, like an idol and a Jesus-figure that the entire Team Pacquiao reveres. It presents a bleak picture of the Filipino that one can't help but wonder what others would feel after reading the article

I'll be posting a link on the article here, but what seriously disturbed me was this part:

"Take Luis "Chavit" Singson. The Governor, they call him, though he no longer holds that office. He's a 68-year-old tobacco magnate and one of the most powerful men in the Philippines. He's Manny's main political sponsor and a close friend—the kind admitted into the ring after fights. The Governor takes care of things for Manny. Actually, the Governor takes care of all sorts of things, some of which he speaks about with surprising candor. Say, the millions of dollars in gambling kickbacks he gave to former Philippine president Joseph Estrada. Or beating up his mistress. Last summer, the Governor found her with a younger man. He and a number of cohorts allegedly rectified this situation with (among other implements) a tiger whip. 

"I beat up both of them!" the Governor cheerfully told a radio interviewer in September, after a picture of the mistress, her face looking like a lasagna, appeared on the front page of The Philippine Star. "It's good I'm not ruthless," he added. "I didn't kill them."

The Governor was gracious enough to fly me and some two dozen other members of Team Pacquiao from Manila to General Santos for Manny's birthday party. We sat together. Later, one Team Pacquiao member expressed surprise that the Governor hadn't shown me the picture in his wallet.

"Who's it of ?" I asked.

"That guy's dick."


"After the Governor's guys had laid it on a table and whacked it with a hammer. It had to be surgically cut off after. Too mauled."

On the plane, I asked the Governor about Manny. "Girls squeal" in Pacquiao's presence, he remarked. "Like the sound of a pig being slaughtered!" But after a few minutes he changed the subject. "I have twelve tiger. When I home, I swim with them every day. But now I want to make liger, yes?" The product of a lion and a tiger. "So I bring lion in, and he do this, yes?" The Governor made a fucky-fucky motion with his right index finger and his closed left fist. "And he do, and he do. No liger. And so I make him do, and do some more. And then…acchhhhh!"

The Governor clasped his hands to his heart and rolled his eyes back in their orbits; his lion stud had literally died of a cardiac infarction while being made to copulate for the umpteenth time with one of his tigresses.

"No liger," the Governor said dejectedly.

Totally what the fuck. Probably a lot of foreigners would wonder how Chavit gets away with this. But that's just how it is for us. Those with money and power get away with it.

The rest of the article can be read here:


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