Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Strip: Ministry of Waxing vs. Lay Bare: Who Comes Out Triumphant?

When it comes to the waxing experience, I've already tried BOTH Strip: The Ministry of Waxing (Serendra, Fort Bonifacio) and Lay Bare (Don Antonio, Commonwealth). So which waxing place should you go to when you're in need of getting the hair down there away? Let me state 5 factors and let YOU be the judge!


Hands down, for me it has to be STRIP. Why? Definitely because of hygienic reasons! I am a stickler for good hygiene and impeccable cleanliness when it comes to your personal zone--especially for us girls! You have to go to a place where they value these things as top priority. STRIP does NOT double dip their spatulas, which is their pride and joy, which is absolutely true. Throughout my stay I never once saw the "Striperella" (term used for the strippers, er, the waxing technicians rather) use a spatula twice. Also, each customer is given an individually sealed Hygiene pack, which includes latex gloves, spatulas, wet wipes, cotton pads and buds.

LAY BARE, on the other hand, was not high for me on the cleanliness part. Sure they use a different towel for you to lay your privates on, but I couldn't help noticing a few unswept hairs still remaining on the bed. They also use a single spatula throughout the entire process. The scissors they also use looks really used--if you know what I mean.


Both STRIP and LAY BARE use hard wax, the latter using cold sugar wax jelly made of sugar, kalamansi, and honey which looks like a clear, yellowish wax. STRIP uses a Strip Wild Berry Chocolate wax, which really looks like chocolate you can eat! Both are also applied directly to your skin using a spatula, then the technician waits for a few seconds, and uses that wax to yank the hair out.


LAY BARE has to win in this category. Its really no wonder a lot of people choose to patronize their branches because of the price. A bikini wax (which I got, yes I'm still not brave for the full-on Brazilian!) is a mere P250, compared with STRIP's P650. LAY BARE's brazilian is even cheaper than STRIP's bikini, which is for only P450. STRIP is a whopping P1250, which isn't much different from their Bikini Line XXX, which is take everything off except that part.

For a full list of their services, you can check out LAY BARE and STRIP with these links.


STRIP wins again. The interiors of both their branches are eye-catching but most important of all, ensures maximum privacy. Privacy has to be on top of your list for your waxing experience. STRIP has a room just for you, the client and you will definitely not hear anyone on the next room. Sure there's an occasional laugh or talk or footstep outside your room but that's it.

LAY BARE, on the other hand, only consisted of "cubicles" wherein you are only separated by a curtain to the next customer. I found it very uncomfortable because I like to talk to my waxing technician through the entire process because I want to know what she's doing. But then I get distracted and I can't concentrate because I can hear the client beside me! Very nerve-wracking really.

But when it comes to branches, LAY BARE has over 18 branches nationwide while STRIP only has 2, found in Greenbelt 5 and Serendra.


I have to admit STRIP was more painless than LAY BARE. STRIP was quicker and I felt that the Striperella knew more about what she was doing than the waxing technician in LAY BARE. I also didn't have much time to feel pain in STRIP because she did her work really fast.

In the end, I really do prefer going to STRIP for waxing because I value hygiene and cleanliness above everything. I do think the price tag is quite hefty compared to LAY BARE, but you get what you pay for. Who knows, maybe someday I'll be able to brave the Brazilian and I'll let you guys know when that day comes. Until then, I'll be sure to be a patron of STRIP anytime I need their services.

Any experience on other waxing salons? What are your thoughts on the two I mentioned? Did you have a different encounter?


  1. Just got my brazillian from Strip! T'was not as painful as I think. My hubby loves it!

  2. that's great! i agree that the pain is minimized when they wax you out (is that the right term? lol) in strip.

  3. Never tried lay bare but strip does a good job really. I never even had any waxing experience ever! Not even my armpits. So it was really brave of me to do brazilian for the first waxing experience, but strip gave me the first non-traumatic waxing. Good job strip! Don't mind the prize, it's worth it.

  4. i have to say i do love strip, i mean their service is excellent and they are definitely a huge thumbs up for hygiene, but its simply too expensive for me to avail it all the time!:D im still on a student budget hehe!

    but if you can afford the price, deffo go for strip. lay bare is a great alternative though, you just have to find the right branch for you :D

  5. i tried the brazilian on laybare some months ago and it was very traumatic! halfway through the process i had to beg for a bikini instead. it was extremely painful and there were instances where it was bleeding. strip waa reccomended by a friend of mine so i am trying them instead for my brazilian. hopefully it will not be as painful and traumatic as laybare.

  6. oh god that's scary! i'm so sorry you had to go through that experience. :( which lay bare branch was this?

  7. If you have lower pain tolerance, you can have Brazilian waxing done in smaller strips at a time. Any remaining hairs will be plucked to create that clean strip of hair.

  8. hi guys you should try at, i 've i'm a strip loyal customer though i was looking for a chick & cool waxing place and now i'm a regular customer cause their service are really great & the therapist work very fast!

  9. tried brazilian in LAY BARE. not gonna do it again! painful and takes a loooong time. the result was okay though, i didnt have any infections or whatsoever. their UA wax is okay naman, had it with them several times na.

    tried waxing also at a new place called WINK, they are located in Bonifacio High Street Central. it's just across Bon Chon and nearby Nolita. they're very clean and their prices are okay. more like in between Strip's and Lay Bare's. service is good and fast and their place is discreet. guys can have 'boyzilians' too

  10. @anonymous - thank you both for the great tips on where we can get those unwanted hair out! will probably try wink as well as pink parlour next time :)


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