Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Missha Cosmetics @ The SM North Edsa Annex

My fascination for anything-Korean led me to go to the recently-opened Missha at SM North last Sunday to see the wide array of cosmetics they have. My sister wanted to get her very own BB Cream and since we haven't been to Missha, which apparently has a whole line of BB Creams, we just had to go there!
Sure enough, they have a wide array of these babies, starting with their best-seller, which is the M Perfect Cover BB Cream. It has whitening, anti-wrinkle and UV protection properties. If you're on a budget though, this might be a bit pricey at P1,600 a tube.
I wasn't satisfied with their make-up ladies either. The woman who placed the BB cream on my sister looked like she wasn't even trained how to put it on. She accidentally applied the BB cream on parts of my sister's hair! Also, its a no-no for salesladies to use their bare hands in applying foundation to their customers. She should've used a sponge for hygienic reasons.

Other variants of BB Cream are also available, such as the M BB Cream (P1,200), which is their thickest BB Cream and provides the most coverage:And the M Shiny BB Cream (P1,200), for those who want that glowing look. Contains pearl cream and has a sun blocking ingredient. I've swatched this and its not that shiny. The "shine" is a bit subtle.Aside from their BB Creams, Missha's make-up line are also a bit on the affordable side. Their eyeshadows and blushes are around P400 each, and their nail polish is around P120.

What I loved most is their packaging! Who wouldn't want to get cute compacts like these?
M Prism Multi Blusher, at around P1,300M Signature Radiance Two-way Pact , around P1,200
The store for me is just so-so. The space is crammed with too much shelves and stuff, its hard to move freely around. The salesladies also have to get their upper lips waxed. I honestly believe that if the person selling the cosmetics doesn't look groomed or polished, I don't think I'd want to buy things from them.
It was an over-all average experience. I liked looking at the pretty stuff, but there's no huge must go-back urge for me. Maybe when I go to Korea in the summer I'll stock up on Missha stuff, but I don't think I will in their Philippine branch.
Sad though, because I had looked forward to buying something because I've heard so many good things about Missha.


  1. Missha is great, but that's super over-priced. It's just like Skin Food-- their BB Cream is more than double the price in Korea. :( I'm so in love with Etude House for maintaining their low prices even in the Philippine branch!

  2. hi lizz! i'm so glad you left a comment here on how much the price difference is between manila and korea, this made me feel better that i persuaded my sister not to buy the bb cream yet and just wait until we go there.

    my next project is to go to etude house in megamall :D i heard they did maintain their low prices!


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