Sunday, May 23, 2010

Korea Post #1: K-pop CDs and Posters! (SNSD, 2AM and Rain)

Annyeooong everyone! Okay since internship ended for me last Friday, I'll be starting my Korean trip entries. I postponed doing this because its going to be lengthy plus FULL of pictures. If you guys remember, I went to Korea for my parents' 25th wedding anniversary and just literally fell in love with Seoul and everything in it. The food, the culture, the people...and of course, the music!

Anyone who knows me can easily tell you that I'm a HUGE k-pop fan, especially of Big Bang, 2NE1, SNSD (Girls' Generation), 2AM, MBLAQ and Rain. The entry that has the most comments here in my blog is my YesAsia order which a lot of you were pretty interested in. So I thought my first entry should contain the albums I bought while I was there (don't worry make-up lovers, the beauty haul is coming up!).
Okay, before I start foaming at the mouth at the incredible deals I got, well when I was there, Rain just made his comeback and SNSD had started promoted Run Devil Run. 2AM was also doing their goodbye stages for I Did Wrong. These 3 artists were whose albums I bought: (btw I got all 3 albums in this music store underground in the Myeong-dong shopping area.)

(clockwise fr left: Run Devil Run by SNSD, I Did Wrong by 2AM, and Back to the Basic by Rain (Bi))

First up, is SNSD's Run Devil Run. I think I got this for around Php500. Here is the inside of the album:
Got totally lucky because I got my favorite member's poster inside, Taeyeon! So this album contains 13 songs, they added 3 more to the Oh! album since it is repackaged. I remember computing this as compared to Oh! and it costs around 100 bucks more, which was alright for me since I loved the whole black soshi concept.
The songs are cute as well, I thought it was really worth buying! SM decided to add Gee and Genie to the album which is great. I loved Run Devil Run, Oh!, Echo, Be Happy and Boys and Girls.
Plus you could request for their poster when you buy their albums--for free! I'm stressing this bit because in YesAsia, you haveto buy this posters for around P500. I am definitely hanging this up in my apartment! Oh and if you noticed, the bottom part is a bit chopped off because banana milk spilled on it during the trip back to Manila...oops?

Next up is 2AM's first full-length album, I Did Wrong. I'm not so sure how many 2AM fans there are here in the Philippines, but I do love this group. They have such great voices and every member has tons of personality. I remember that the difference between this and the SNSD album was only 100won, and this contains a DVD with the CD. The DVD has their full-length music video for I Did Wrong, tons of pictures and the making of that video.
This album is so worth buying if you're a fan! They added all their other songs from the mini-albums so its pretty sulit. I also loved all the songs, if you guys haven't discovered a love for 2AM yet, well, you should!

And their poster! They didn't have an I Did Wrong poster around, so they gave me the poster for the unrepackaged album (Can't Let You Go Even If I Die).
Up next is Rain's special comeback album, Back to the Basic. Wow, who doesn't know Rain? When you go to Seoul, everything screams Rain! He has so many endorsements plus all the Koreans know who he is. This album only has 5 songs, so you might be a bit disappointed. I was, for about 5 minutes, but all the songs do grow on you a lot, especially Hip Song.
Very unique packaging! You have to slide open the 2 sides of his face: (notice the enormous hologram? Its shirtless Rain in 3 poses. You can get addicted by just watching it move.)
Flip open the hologram and there's the CD!
Free poster included!

I was also able to get so many posters from my trip that I'm considering having a give-away of the items I'll show you below IF there are people interested. (Even if only 5 people comment on this entry, I'll still host the give-away!) 
1) G-Dragon's Shine-a-Light Concert Tour poster (was able to get this because we got the album as a gift for my cousin)
2) Rain's Back to the Basic album poster (shown above)
3) Rain's Full House poster (there are 2 of these)
4) Rain's Nature Republic reversible posters
Just so you guys know, these posters are not damaged in any way and if you guys are interested, I'll be glad to host the give-away just so I can make someone happy and give these posters away for free. This is obviously targeted to Rain fans, (plus 1 G-Dragon fan?) but if you want these posters, why not?
I'm interested to know if my readers are fans of any of these artists! I have to admit k-pop is a bit of obsession for me (okay fine, not just a bit, I consider it as taking up half of my life)!^^


  1. sweet collection! Im a huge 2PM/Super Junior/Big Bang fan, kaya hindi ka nagiisa sa collection :)


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