Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Park Han Byul's Tropical Fruity Nails!

I have to admit that even though I am totally addicted to k-pop, I only like a few Korean dramas. But I have to say that if  I LIKE a Korean drama, I am IN LOVE with it. I don't know, something about it being especially thought-out, and not relying on numerous cheap make-out scenes and just on the plot and the artists involved makes me like watching it.

One of those dramas that I have truly loved and cherished is Oh! My Lady, which stars Choi Si Won (from Super Junior) and Chae Rim (Dalja's Spring). As a tribute to its final episode, I will be copying the nails of one of the characters, Hong Yura, who is played by Park Han Byul (infamously known as Se7en's girlfriend):

Ugh, I couldn't find an exact screencap of her with those nails, so I guess this would have to do.I thought her nails were the cutest! Here's what you need:

A bright yellow and pink nail color will do. These are part of my old stock of nail polishes. This look doesn't need that much effort. Just paint your middle finger and your ring finger yellow and the other remaining nails the pink. Yup, that's it!

These are the nail colors I used, namely LA Colors' FUEL and Elianto's SUNNY DAY. The Fuel goes on right about 2 strokes, but you have to layer in a lot of strokes for Sunny Day since its a bit on the light side. But if you're using a matte yellow, then just adjust it until you get the right shade.

Well that's it! I thought this was a fun look for the nails just because summer's ending and most of us will be hauling ourselves back to school again. Have a happy final days of summer!^^


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