Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ever Bilena Advance Concealer Review

I realize that I have been lacking in entries of my first love, make-up so here comes another review.
I discovered this concealer when my blockmate lent me hers and we were at the beach and I had to cover this HUUUUGE GINORMOUS pimple. I was happy with its coverage so when I went back to Manila, I purchased one for myself.

This is the Ever Bilena Advance Concealer in Soft Beige. I got the darkest shade because I was still brown and all my concealers were no good.

Ever Bilena says:
To Use: Dot concealer on face and blends evenly to cover uneven tones and blemishes for a smooth coverage.
Somebody should really rephrase those instructions.
It comes in an easy-squeeze bottle that you can control the amount of concealer that comes out. The Soft Beige shade is pretty dark--yes imagine how dark I got because I usually buy the lightest shade.

 The shade is still darker than what my skin tone actually is:
But the true test of a good concealer is its coverage on a blemish, or even a pimple! See that gaping redness?
Although the tiny bump is still there, the concealer definitely makes the redness go away!

Anyway I have found my new best concealer because not only does it provide great coverage, its really cheap too! I was able to buy this for only P120 (with 20ml of product) in Landmark because there was a sale going on. Its original price is P160. Great price, right?

Plus since I couldn't use my foundations because of my darker shade, I used this all over my face and it looked fine and blended really well. So you can say that its also dual purpose and can serve as a foundation and a concealer at the same time.


  1. just roaming around the net trying to read reviews about EB's concealers and i saw your blog.
    thanks for this review! :)

  2. i hope you'll still be able to get your hands on this concealer, i went to 2 of their stalls recently and i couldn't find any in stock :(( and i'm running out!


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