Thursday, October 7, 2010

Korea Post #4: (Must-See Places!) Myeong-dong...THE FOOD!


Korea is well-known for its diverse street food, if you guys notice in all Koreanovelas, they're always slurping on something while standing up, or sitting in these little tents downing soju in times of fun and merriment!
Here were the various interesting food stuffs I saw in Myeong-dong:

Korean ajumma making these flat pancake-like biscuits using only a heated metal pan! Amazing!

I got quite obsessed with eating those fish on a stick rolled up with nori. I don't know, something about seeing and smelling it made me hungry all the time! One stick would cost from 1,000-2,000 won, around P40-80 each.

Ajusshi selling things on a stick -- very yummy!!!

Found a one-of-a-kind snack involving the use of potato chips and a very long stick! I didn't like this that much because it was oily and not salty enough--Koreans seem not to like salt that much on their chips.
My apah feasting on potato chips on a stick

Below is one of my favorite things I've eaten...its basically sweet potato cut into cubes, dipped in sugar and deep fried to goodness.  They put around 10 pieces inside a paper cone and you use a toothpick to eat the sugary snack.
Mmmmmm this smelled so good while they're cooking them!
 Apah and omah enjoying themselves!

 We then got a bite to eat at this ramen place with the most interesting thing outisde...the chopsticks were lifting from the bowl all by themselves!!!
 The way they took your order was through an ATM-like machine where you would choose what you wanted.

Also tried out this restaurant where they served meat with everything else in it: (I'm sorry I totally forgot what it was called! hahaha) The prices were deceiving because it turned out the you had to pay for your meal PER PERSON. Either way, we ended up enjoying the meal, I think our bill amounted to around P1,500 and we were 4 so I guess that was still pretty reasonable.
 The usual suspects in every Korean meal: kimchi and soup that tastes like kimchi -- very delicious especially when you come on those cold months!
 Someone cooks the foot in front of you with all the ingredients
 Food sloooowly coming into form...
 And...voila!!! Food fit for hungry people!
Satisfied customer! 

That's it for my Myeong-dong posts, will be posting again for the last 3 places I went to in it obvious we stayed there for almost a week?^^ Annyeong! 


Anything on your mind? Let me know!:)